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a fungus
2 nights ago i dreamed i saw 2 doctors or i think they were doctors experimenting with a fungus. i went in and begged them to stop because it was a deadly fungus. they refused and the fungus started mutating into a monster and was like the air blowing across land and water killing everyone coming into contact with it. 
i also have about 100 dreams including the church killings posted 2 weeks before it happened on my web page in a book hearts of stone. it is free. 
thanks for reading, 
peace and blessings,
kate gessner
Welcome, Kate. You are approved to paste your website here. Lots of our dreamers might be interested in reading your documented experiences. Thanks for the dream! Smile
(07-15-2015, 12:24 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: Welcome, Kate. You are approved to paste your website here. Lots of our dreamers might be interested in reading your documented experiences. Thanks for the dream! Smile

thank you so much. usually people tell me to get back on the meds instead of listening so this is refreshing. i have about 100 dreams in my book hearts of stone. i put it on my web page free for any who wish to read these messages. i have sent out thousands of emails trying to get this out to the public. i guess i should have come here first! i put a dream on there of the church killings last month 2 weeks before it happened. i have found my dreams happen 2 weeks after i dream them. about 25 years ago a voice started coming to me in dreams telling me he was giving me messages from God. he said i was to take them to the world leaders. each time the message from God was always the same. then he would show me an event that would happen 2 weeks later. he said the event was proof the message was from God. each time i called the countries mission at the u.n. and pass on the message. each time the event happened 2 weeks later. abc news witnessed a dream but when it happened they refused to air it. it was of a little girls death. it is all on my web page. i was told to tell everyone so i hope any here who take the time to read it will help me by passing it on. i would like to ask all of the dreamers here if they have ever had dreams or encounters with ufos. that is something that has been happening to my family for generations. i appreciate you all allowing me to post here. i will gladly continue. 
peace and blessings,
kate gessner
hearts of stone - free online
Awesome! I love this, Kate. Glad you found us. Are there any messages still outstanding that you are waiting on? Or perhaps any messages within the last two weeks (I'm thinking about something along the lines of Jade Helm or CERN, etc.)?

I greatly respect your work, especially since you didn't come here pushing it on us. We look forward to whatever messages come through you!
i am just waiting on the fungus. i emailed the cdc but according to the dream they wont help. i asked God to take these dreams from me when i turned 55 and He did. then i found i could think of nothing else when they were gone and i begged Him to return my gift. the first dream i had in 3 years that happened was of the container ship the u.s. and europe busted. i texted that one to myself so i do have proof of it on my phone with a date. i said in the text i saw someone looking for drugs on a ship but it was strange because they were looking in the walls and doors. turns out they had put secret compartments in the walls and doors to hide the drugs. usually what i see is what happens. that is why this last dream has me a bit edgy. about 10 more days and we will see. i am glad to see so many others like me. dreaming and sharing them. i knew i could not be alone. thanks for reading. i saw several people have gone to my web site and hit on my book. i do appreciate it. have a wonderful evening. blessings, kate

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