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Red Alert 7/23/15 Red Alert: Mind Wars with Korea and the Dollar gets Ignored
Trending: korea conscience wars lead museum ignoring dollar palace star journey ship lunch lucidity correct shaking late haunted beneath dive forget south mind celebrity spiritual travelling there view josh jealous off dawn blade period alarm down first yes wed wrapping fair
Waning: bear explain kyle energy favorite rate meaning gun chased tree properly picture gray bag flight rock yellow wind lower bottle okay pain bus glow dust eggs impossible mate actual palm sun consciousness grave black void

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
On the surface, our Red Alert today is fairly self-explanatory. It looks like a war with Korea, does it not? However, I’m seeing some important connections that indicate a significantly different type of war. There are two words above the 100 threshold, and the word Conscious has a good amount of solid support in the run below it (see blue arrows). Therefore, I’m thinking that there is some sort of mind games going on here. My fist thought was a realistic opinion that North Korea’s ‘evilness’ is nothing more than the standard propaganda machine to demonize the next target country. Who’s right? How do we know? I do have a definite hit for the run today, and the news came out early this morning. . This goes directly with lingo “korea conscience wars lead museum“

As for Korea in our run, notice the yellow arrow connects Korea to South, as in South Korea, but that is no guarantee that bot is ruling out North Korea. After all, the demonization of Kim Jong Un continues unabated:

Clearly, it appears that Korea will be Ignoring the US Dollar! Keep in mind that Grave Black Void is still here, and that could definitely describe the day that the dollar is ignored. In fact, could we make the case that today’s Red Alert might be about Korea (or the world) dropping the dollar? I mean, we’ve been hearing so much chatter about this for years….isn’t it inevitable? Or No?

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

light rock yellow
glow dust eggs impossible mate actual palm sun consciousness grave black void
I see this as a continuation of the volcano them from yesterday, either the 5 eruptions going on in Indonesia or a new eruption. This is lamely a tropical eruption (palm).
This was from the 18th of July so it would be residual but Kyle Busch won the 5 Hour Energy 301 Race Sunday.

Wait!!!! Hold that thought.  His car is MONSTER ENERGY so it is also current.  The collective is dreaming of Kyle.

"Good morning, American pilots. We are here to greet you on your Fourth of July Independence Day."
That was the message two Russian bombers delivered while flying within tens of miles of the California coast this month to the U.S. fighter jets that intercepted them, according to the North American Aerospace Defense Command.
According to U.S. defense officials, four long-range Russian Tu-95 Bear-H bombers, accompanied by an aerial refueling tanker, flew into the U.S. Air Defense Identification Zone, an area extending 200 miles from the North American coast, off Alaska, where they were intercepted by U.S. F-22 fighter jets.
More Russian $h*!
bag flight
FlyBag (this is actually cool)
"Scientists have developed what they're describing as a bomb proof material that could be a major step forward in aircraft security.
A device called FlyBag is designed to absorb the shockwaves and shrapnel caused by explosions, if security fails and a bomb reaches the luggage hold."

Not sure if this fits any of the bot run beyond korea but it struck me as interesting and something to watch. If little Kim was on that plane and died in a crash, that could be a major game changer(Plus much speculation as to whether it was an accident or an assassination.).
korea conscience wars
Me & Korea, a nonprofit organization, helps Korean War orphans connect with their American G.I. fathers and roots in Korea.
Hey everybody. I haven't been able to keep up the last week or so. Reviewing this thread is amazing! Little Kim from North Korea might be dead? (by the way, it is just me, or is his head just insanely big?)

New bomb-proof material for planes? Twice, how the heck did you connect that one? I can't believe all the stuff we're learning because of these bot runs. Thank you for these hits!

Twice: I searched and found out that kyle actually has a few appearances in our runs:

3/11: UP Words:     stairway laser non swim ignore submitted loading save pink semi hide members professor months race sydney lucid paint wolf gas penguin chased listening snap station kyle ever narrow fades festival lost secret opening

5/12: Trending:     mon beer blanket ritual sacred climbing foul flash transition alien shadow burned goodbye liquid cloud trust protected hill necessary dragon available shelf remove thank amazing shut bored kyle briefly confirm crushing mean notified

7/22: Trending: void glow black grave kyle rate impossible class gray eggs dream relevant spelling notified wrapping actual lightning leo dawn flight group card though alt forever valid payment icon cool frustrated added staying free upright welcome up than hitting lived view

Note that on 7/22, the lingo included 'impossible.' Well, check out the title of this article: "Kyle Busch defying the odds"

It seems that the collective was all over this win, but why? Because he did defy the odds? He did the impossible....coming back from a broken leg?

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