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Clock and Hour references
We have had a lot of Clock references. Why? I also included Hours, in case they might go together.
Is the reference a count down?  Time's Up?  Time is running out? Likely a few of these.

07-16-2015, (clock)
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07-17-2015 (clock)
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7-19-15 (clock)
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7-15-15 (hours)
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7-21-15-( clock and hours)
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7-27-15-(clock and hours)
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Oh my gosh twice. Even though I'm in celebration mode (just finished Summer semester) , I am very attached to this new thread. I remember at least two dreams of mine that specifically talk
about running out of time! I will hunt these down for you, but ill need a computer....can't do anything meaningful on this phone. AWESOME IDEA about this thread!!!!! (Not that that my dreams are anything special Smile God bless, this is exciting!
If all these references are predictive about some big time anomaly, then I'm thinking its particularly interesting I have been given 2 different dates in September, two different events, but the same outcome: Humanity progresses to the next octave, or density. Time doesn't seem to be a part of that experience, supposedly.

On the flip side, we've been seeing some serious catastrophe coming in September, including economic Armageddon and that pesky asteroid impact. I actually don't think that the 'bad' stuff and 'good' stuff are exclusionary. Maybe one of each side happens simultaneously.

Realistically though, we'll be doing more discussion in October after all these predictions, good or bad, come true! Smile
I get a lot of "It's showtime!" messages, in that what's happening for me has begun.

So the time references could also refer to something similar, that we're not just running out of time that the time is NOW.

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