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Recent Credit Card Themes in Dreambot Runs
I noticed very similar linguists in a few dreambot runs mentioning credit and cards. I thought this would be a good place to put them and any other recent financial dreams or dreambot runs we come across to try and understand where this theme is headed.

Please add your thoughts and feel free to include more relevant dreams or dream botruns.

Waning: snake astral boat shared mild meaning connection hours physical dreamt darkness interpretation number june security thank method powerful job group 2015 credit payment icon valid fri generic july added welcome notified wrapping alt card remove
Waning: wild jump look interpretation looks attack request hours security clock husband hour plane flow guide okay grandfather goes method credit added valid generic icon payment welcome whirlwind group notified remove wrapping alt card dream hope
Trending: void glow black grave kyle rate impossible class gray eggs dream relevant spelling notified wrapping actual lightning leo dawn flight group card though alt forever valid payment icon cool frustrated added staying free upright welcome up than hitting lived view

Color coded words are words which are  repeated in each of the runs.  I included the gray egg part in  the 7-22-15 run because it seemed like gray eggs might actually be "nest eggs" and gray seemed to be saying that it wasn't a positive situation regarding the "nest eggs."
Okay, now we're hitting home. Credit Cards and debit cards are off limits to catastrophic predictions.

Just kidding. I'll be back to normal tomorrow. Color coding including, I can tell that this is going to be one of the best conglomerations of dream memes.

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