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8/2/15 The Elite are definitely Kicking
Trending: elite august reflect kicking feelings crystal compassion movement communication rainbow ball electric situation unable experiencing furniture disappointed aug yesterday speaking paint awoke serious dress horror interesting interpret needs using relate interpretation mutual sat similar also good peace losing partner beard
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<----- DISCUSSION ----->
elite August reflect kicking: This is exactly what some people have been proposing….that the elite are scrambling to hold onto their power, which is clearly withering away.

feelings crystal compassion movement communication rainbow: For humanity, compassion is being crystallized.

also good peace losing partner: This isn’t good. If one party loses their feelings of peace, then the peace is over (and so is the aforementioned compassion).

great June enjoy earlier: June is a long way off, but this seems to be consistent lately….something good is coming in June 2016.

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This seems to be all about Trump!
Right off the bat I see the elite kicking and having hurt feelings about how Trump is getting all that attention with his communications. That experience (of being a real business owner) is something they are just unable to relate to. Trump does not need a professional news caster to do interpretation of the words he speaks to the common man. That people are taking him serious is a total horror for them. They are losing their minds while saying that we peons are the ones losing ours.
Great points, esholars! I certainly didn't see this when reading the run, but I would agree.
kicking, feeling, compassion, communication, unable, speaking

The Mighty
When We Asked Ronda Rousey If She Had Apraxia of Speech
Laura Smith Laura Smith Aug 05, 2015

It started with an intriguing title — “Ronda Rousey: The World’s Most Dangerous Woman” — and then a picture of a “James Bond”-type beauty.

“In her first six years, nobody knew whether she’d ever speak an intelligent sentence, such were the after effects of being born with an umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. It could be that her gibberish and mumblings were signs of brain damage. No one knew, and her parents — Ron, an aerospace-industry executive, and De Mars, an educational psychologist and statistician — moved when she was three from Riverside, California, to Jamestown, North Dakota, in part to be near the Minot State University speech therapists, who set about bringing her vocal cords to their senses. It wasn’t easy, and it took time. And it was especially frustrating for Ronda given how advanced her sisters were. ‘I’m dumb, Mom,’ she once said. ‘Maria and Jennifer have the words. I don’t have the words.’ ‘No, you’re not, you’re very smart,’ her mother told her.”

One problem: Ronda Rousey is incredibly famous. What could I even write that her PR people would read and then pass on to her? Could I try her FB page? Twitter? I settled on the “contact me” form on her website. I started writing to her PR people, but it emphatically turned into me writing to her. I didn’t hold out much hope, but hey, might as well put it out there. Apraxia needs a face, and what better face then this badass female! She’s smart, talented, driven, resilient… Doesn’t she sound like our kids with apraxia?
Flight elevator
Not exactly a flight elevator but it is a SPACE elevator.

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