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Red Alert 8/8/15 Red Alert: Bank + Eating
Trending: bank eating rock moon tongue cheese smith fresh artist twenty storm compassion crazy anxiety leg disappointed speak wish spotted wow august god surprise saucer devil couch spaghetti personality imagine wanting anywhere beings restaurant friday perhaps loss recognize toilet comes remove
Waning: elevator progress bring mall regular dreamt crying flood phone sand extremely yesterday mission bear stood learning clothes dictionary space draw action confidence july levels train stained induced thank humble class cat drawn pushing hours serial

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
This Red Alert run might just be the most complex and multifaceted run to date. The run is capped with two Red Alert words: BANK and EATING. There is not a lot of support for BANK, but there is an eye-watering amount of support for EATING (blue arrows). Let’s suppose that BANK and EATING go together for a future headline. My first impression was that a big bank will ‘eat it.’ But then we can also say that banks are eating everything up and getting really fat. Two complete opposites, so we need more context. I believe the groupings can do that for us.

Group 1: Ignoring ‘chicken leg,’ this group sees a big storm coming.

Group 2: Ignoring ‘Spaghetti,’ this group is a whole alien race surprising humanity

Group 3: Will TGI Friday’s go under? I think so, and I think this is the main lingo for our Red Alert.

Group 4: This group matches today’s Group 2, and also our growing space meme.

Conclusions: Bank was big yesterday, and then it turns around and explodes into a really high surge score. That in itself is REALLY significant. To have a surge score of 114 the day after being in yesterday’s run is very impressive. Something big is coming for a bank or a community of banks. I believe that the EATING meme is related to bank, but I could be wrong. The number of eating-related words today is just utterly amazing. Something big is coming for the food industry for sure.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Windy, I forgot to mention how this run overlaps with your banking dream(s) from earlier this year. Liquidity issues if I recall?
Here's one article/video that directly connects banking (bankers) with eating (survival food supplies). Published yesterday...
bank eating- maybe a bank merger
smith fresh artist twenty-something might be happening with Will Smith (He was the star of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air in his 20's). I do like the   chesse  and  "granny" smith going together too however.  Perhaps they both will be relevant.
fresh artist twenty- This might have to due with the push to get a "fresh" woman's face on the twenty dollar bill.
storm compassion crazy anxiety - aftermath of Typhoon Soudelor in Tawain?
crying flood phone sand extremely- continued flood talk.  Is this about a new flood or Typhoon Soudelor? Communications would be poor for sure after the Typhoon.
Group 3 would seem to point to Friday's going under.
devil couch spaghetti personality

There is actually such a thing as a spaghetti personality but my Internet connection is too flippin' slow to get to it right now.
If you take all the food items listed in the botrun and add "mission bear" you get this:

The destruction of 350 tons of banned foreign food in Russia earlier this week prompted outrage among critics who said the contraband victuals should be distributed to the poor.
Forbidden foodstuffs included Polish pig hearts and apples, Italian kiwis, Moroccan nectarines, Irish pork and cheeses of unknown provenance, the state agriculture watchdog reported. No American food was named in the reports.
How about "Banks being handed their lunch"...?? The collapse of the banking system?
Excellent ideas on the banking Red Alert! Twice suggests a bank merger...I think that was one of Windy's dreams, wasn't it?

Siyotanka suggests the collapse of the banking system. I actually agree with this, but I didn't harp on it too much because I knew that I would be throwing too much of my own desires into the analysis. That is called projection, and so I have a really hard time projecting bank stuff through dreams. Good to see that others are seeing the same stuff I am, though Smile
Petty, Smithfield and Tops donate 25,000 pounds of meat to Food Bank
By James Post
Posted Aug. 7, 2015 at 5:13 PM

" A 25,000-pound donation seems like a lot -- “That’s a lot of hams!,” one passerby exclaimed as the truck’s door opened -- but the need in the six-county area served by the Food Bank is great.
“It’s about a week’s worth,” Thompson said. “But for that week, our network will be extremely happy."

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