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Reassembling reality
Reassembling reality is a process which is taught by my teacher, Jose Luis Herrera. He teaches this process as a means of creating new perceptual shifts especially if we want a different relationship with our past and a means of healing the wounds of our past. Instead of repeating our past and looping around it in the same patterns over and over, we co-create our reality, our new days, and actively participate in that creating. As we walk in the world, we assemble reality so that the presence of the sacred works on our behalf.

He suggests we do this on a daily basis to understand the situations we are in. I tend to do it when I first wake in the morning. It doesn't take long, just a few minutes.

There are 3 steps to the process:

1) Recapitulate your life from Day 1: a memory exercise. Look at your life as mythic, not just literal. See it as a river. Ask yourself, what is my geography? Understand your journey needs to be fluid. “Your river confluences with the great river of consciousness to flow to the ocean of memories.” (Jose Luis) You will begin to see an undercurrent of who you are and what you are about. We have two lineages to experience: the Grand Collective and our biological. Take a regular look at how fluid your life is - what do you notice differently? Does the landscape along the banks change? Does it remain the same?

2) Gratitude: visit all our relations with this big theme: to the land, the village, Spirit, to honor them. We are to be non-personal. Our objective is to find our own compassion, our own understanding. Our brain’s rigidity becomes malleable with gratitude, so we are not fixed in one reality. Focus on the lesson (your interpretation of an event) and look beyond the lesson for the learning for future engagements.

3) Envisioning along with prayer: have a mythic vision for the purpose of fulfillment. We have visions, especially to fill in our scarcity. But we need a big vision to visit: Daily. Invest in the big vision.

As we walk towards our healed state, that healing radiates outward and the world heals as well.

Shared with love and gratitude. Ajo.

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