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Welcome to Project September
Catharid- i do not disagree with you, in fact the P2 in me follwed that line of reasoning.
I create my day everyday- never sure what TIMELINE I am walking into as a result.
This has never stopped my Higher Self in the subconsious entanglement for lucid, precog messages.
it is happening more and more to me in personal life these days. I HAVE TO TRUST THOSE niggles.
I AM on the same property I was a year ago under a dome dreaming the very real virus coming across borders, jungles, and vaccines.
No coinky dink for me.
So tonight I shall incubate.
I am super super busy and may be out of town tomorrow- but not before I document IF there is anything to document.
No P2 on this-
I am clear
It is simple
What comes in I can then discern if it needs adjusting.

THIS, to me, is what NDC is about. I respect that.

September it is.
cheers all
(08-18-2015, 09:09 PM)Sherriann Wrote: NDC wasn't active in 2012 so Project September is new territory when it comes to attempting to see what's up for late September. Speaking of programming, something we've noted is that there appears to be a programming battle happening. A couple of us have already seen as far as mid-November.

Sherrian do you links to November predictions?
Hmm. Overlap 3, the number 2.

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