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Water parks and water rides
I can recall 2 parts of 2 dreams with Project September intent.
The first was at a Disney Park, thought it didn't really look like any Disney one I know of in reality.
I am with a second person and we are trying to catch up with our group. We get on a log ride type ride to take us to where we hope the group is located. The boat cars are shaped like big inflatable figure eights but with more straight edges. Partway through the ride, our boat changes directions and is heading the opposite way from everyone else. We are a hazard as the others are crashing into and around us in the rapids and slides. A park employee tries to get us turned the correct direction again with limited success. There was some anxiety but more feeling of determination. Physically, we would not REALLY be able to change direction if this were real.
The second part of a dream was an overlap of sorts. This time I was in a 2 story building and in charge of a group of children, around 9 years of age. It may have been a sports complex. I was waiting for them to change into their swimsuits. When they were finished they were on the second floor in line to swim down some water slides. I had to monitor them to make sure they didn't crash into the people below at the bottom of the slide.
No reason for day residue with these dreams.

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