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Back in Chicago
Just an end to a dream.

I'm back in Chicago, visiting with my ex and his sister. Her ex and a friend of my ex are also there.

The sister is showing me a jewelry organizer, one of those that are shaped like a garment bag with pockets. It's filled with jewelry that I had been admiring. There are also other items under the organizer, clothes and things (that I had also expressed appreciation for).

I get the impression that they (my ex and his sister) are trying to bribe me to stay in Chicago, and I feel a bit embarrassed by the whole thing, like I could be bought by material goods.

Her ex leaves without speaking, and then the friend leaves too. I tell my ex to say hi to Larry next time he sees him, as I would've liked to chat a while.
Goldengirl, thank you once again for providing another dream. This is a great example of the types of the dreams that some people feel really hesitant about providing after intending for a future period. In this case, Chicago might become very important. I find it very interesting that Chicago was a big meme in Project August, where riots were going to break out. Of course, the location was just a bit off, and the riots ended up in St. Louis.

I'm rambling. Just wanted to express my thanks.
No thank you! I was hesitating (just about all day) about entering it. It was only a scrap after a restless night trying to sleep through a good old Tampa thunderstorm, "The Lightning Capital". But it was odd in that I don't normally dream about the people in the dream, or the location frankly.

Thanks for the encouragement! And let's see what tonight might hold....
Yeah, me too! Hey, I'm actually on a roll also. I'm not the big time dreamer here, but this week, I'm impressing myself. Sweet dreams Smile

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