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27Aug2015 Hide & seek; Learning to fly
Note: I originally posted this in the Sept. dreams section but the intention didn't fit the parameters so I moved it here.


Intention: There were two interrelated intentions: 1)What will be the event that precipitates whatever is going to happen in Sept., and; 2)What is the most important thing I/we need to know about what will happen in Sept.?

I didn't intend to have two intentions but when I was framing the request in my mind both popped up and both seemed equally important so I went with both. In response, I got two separate dreams, one a vignette and the other longer and more detailed. How either of them fit into the intention remains to be interpreted.

The short vignette of a dream: In a small town which is located near a river. Lots of trees, tree-lined streets. Feel of it is summertime in a more northern area of the US, in that the trees are fully leafed and everything is green and the temperature is warm but not hot(or damn hot, like here in TX Big Grin ). As I watch a couple of buses(the old flat front buses) painted in what I call "barf-bucket green" pull up the road that runs near the river. The buses park alongside the road. Doors open and people spill out into the roadway. They're laughing and talking. They mill around as if waiting for something. Atmosphere is very party-like. I approach one group of people and ask what's happening. They tell me the game is about to start. What game? I ask. Hide and seek, they tell me, the adult version. I ask for clarification. They tell me that they watched kids playing the game and it looked like such fun that they decided to have their own hide and seek, with prizes and everything. So they created teams and some of the teams are the "hiders" and the others are the "seekers". The hiders have to elude the seekers and they have the whole town in which to hide. If the seekers find them, the hiders are rounded up and taken to a holding area until all the teams are found. Last team to be found gets to go free and wins the jackpot. The first seeker team to find a team of hiders also wins prizes. I see a small group of armed people wearing BDU's and carrying what look like weapons standing off to one side. Who are they? I ask. Oh, those are a team of seekers, I'm told. The hiders are given a two minute head start before the seekers begin seeking. A siren sounds. The group of people tell me that's the signal for the game to begin and they take off at a trot. Other groups head out as well. Soon the onely ones left are the "seekers" and me but they don't seem to see me. They're too busy checking their equipment.

Longer dream: There's a group of people sitting around outside, like in a park. I'm immediately drawn to a woman in her late 20's who is holding a small blonde haired boy on her lap. The woman is talking to him and he's pulled in on himself as if to protect himself. I approach her and ask what's wrong. She doesn't seem offended or upset by my intrusion and tells me her son won't talk to her, that he won't talk and he's old enough to talk. I ask if I might be able to talk to him. She shrugs and waves her hand as if saying "whatever". I squat down so I'm at eyelevel with the boy. Greet him and tell him my name. He looks at me. Really LOOKS at me and I know he's Seeing me. His eyes get big. I smile and tell him him he's safe with me, that he knows he can talk to me and I'll believe him. He nods. I ask him to tell me what's on his mind. He tells me he's learned how to fly. His mother starts to protest but I hold up my hand to gesture for her to let the boy talk. I ask how he learned to fly. He tells me an angel showed him how. I ask if he could show me how to fly, too. He eyes me and says grownups don't want to learn anything important. They don't believe they can fly. I tell him maybe so but I want to learn to fly and I believe he can teach me. He thinks about this for a couple of minutes, then nods. Okay, he says. You can learn because you listen. He tilts his head towards the woman. But not her. She doesn't listen.

Jump to an area near a cliff. The woman is protesting that she doesn't want the boy anywhere near the cliff. He's not listening to her and neither am I. The boy tells me I have to take off my clothes to fly but I can wear a special jumpsuit so I don't feel weird. Okay, I tell him. I start taking off my clothes right there. Suddenly, I'm not the only one shucking clothes. I see former Pres. George W. Bush there, stripping down. What are you doing here? I ask. Going to learn to fly, he says. I've always wanted to fly but never got the chance. Oh-kay, I say. I step into the jumpsuit and zip up the front; he does the same. We walk over to where the boy is standing. He eyes W and asks what W is doing there. Going to learn to fly, W tells him. The boy shrugs and turns to me. He explains that he'll start and then I just do what he's doing. He steps off the cliff and begins to fall. The woman shrieks. I ignore her and watch the boy. He falls for a second or so, then seems to catch an updraft, not unlike how the vultures do. He soars into the sky, his little arms extended like a sky diver's. He hovers for a bit then swoops back to the cliff. Now you! he calls to me. Part of me wants to go back, get my clothes, and go home. I ignore that part, take a deep breath, and trust that if this kid can fly then so can I. I close my eyes, step off the cliff and promptly plummet down. Then something inside me seems to shift, to click, and I know I've flown before, that I know how to fly I just needed to be reminded. I open my eyes and fly up to where the boy is hovering. He's grinning. I knew you could do it! he yells. Grinning at each other, we swoop and soar, feeling the air currents and eddies, the warmth of the sun, and just the pure joy of the freedom of the flight.

I fly back to where W is waiting and hover just off the edge of the cliff. C'mon, I say, holding out my hand. It's easy. And I'll hold on to you until you remember how. He takes my hand and steps off the cliff. I hear noise from the cliff and see a huge crowd of people. Cameras. Reporters. Satellite vans in the background. Looks like you attracted a crowd, I say. Yeah, he says. This will be all over the news tonight. Well then, I say, let's make it worth the time slot. Ready to fly solo? W looks at me and says, I've always done what my father wanted me to do and he never wanted me to fly at all. Why not? I ask. He said flying was foolish, says W, and that there were more important things to do than waste time gallivanting around the skies. They all said that. No one wanted to let me fly. They just wanted me to do things they wanted done. Like what? I ask. Now we're the only ones flying in the sky. I don't know where the boy went. W shakes his head and says, Everything. And I did it. And even though none of it was my idea, I'll be the one everyone blames because it happened on my watch. He looks at me and flashes a wry smile. Says, You can let go now. I know what I have to do. I let go and he immediately starts plummeting toward the ground. I hear screams and cries from the onlookers as I rocket after him, my hand extended. Take my hand, I plead. Take my hand. I won't let you fall. Please, take my hand! He shakes his head. Says, No. I don't want to do this any more. I don't want people pushing at me any more.

Scene jumps to a newspaper headline: FORMER PRES. DEAD FROM FALL

At first, I though the headline meant W died in a fall. Then I realized no name was mentioned and it could mean any of the former presidents.

The hide and seek game is self-explanatory. The mind games humans play to make the unpalatable acceptable...

The learning to fly thing seemed to be part personal for me and part a response to the intention. That whatever is going to happen has been years in the making so even if it seems like it comes out of nowhere and happens all at once, the dominoes have been falling since the second Bush's presidency.
WOW! This is simply amazing lady!
Your dreams, you messages, your analysis, your descriptions.
Thank You!
You are truly a messenger.

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