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Intestinal Health and a Bad Driver
I'm at my dad's house. He's got the biofeedback doctor at his house and the doc has a handheld contraption to zap at the person and gets the health reading in a digital readout. He zaps my dad's midsection....37 was the result. My dad says, "Well hotdog that is a terrible number."

I was listening from upstairs and I didn't think the number sounded all that bad. However, I found the case to the doc's machine and inside was a user's guide. There wasn't a scale but had two numbers:

105: Basically the lowest reading from healthy people
72: Basically death if the number is below this

I said, "Oh my gosh, my dad has terrible intestinal health." But also I thought that I wanted to check my own intestines to do 2 things: Confirm the machine is working and see how healthy my intestines were (sort of contradictory missions in hindsight).

I ran downstairs and Dr. Phil had packed everything up. He was older now, much older. He looked like my now deceased grandfather, and Dr. Phil was driving. He filled up his pickup truck with some lawnmower device. My dad was sitting in the back of the pickup and my uncle too. I hopped in and away we went. As the truck started to drive off, I thought, "Why did I get in here, I mean where are we even going?"

Then, my uncle and I looked at each other marveling at how Dr. Phil wasn't watching the road. He had a ball cap on and with one hand on the wheel, he was looking back at his contraption. After about 20 seconds, he finally turned his head and got a glimpse of the road. He made a small adjustment and turned to look backward again. A curve was coming, so was another car. I was thinking that there was no way we were going to get there safe. Dr. Phil turned again just before the turn and then slowed down to make the turn.

What a bizarre dream!
those 2's again
also 105+72+37= 214 = 7 a week? 7 months? 7/July is done,
son, father, grandfather

FYI- not an intestinal thing-
Aug 29, 2015 Before ITs NEWS had an article that I couldn't upload so I went onto YOUtube to get a fresh video.
It seems to span from 1945 (Philadelphia Experiment) to 2751.
TWO (2) years- Time traveler (soldier) spends 2 years in the future.

Apparently this soldier/time traveler met with the Wingmakers.
Were you a 'wingman' in the air force Eagle1? This time traveler comes from your dad's, uncle's and grandfather's day.
Regarding Dr. Phil, do you think this could possibly be a reference to Philadelphia? Perhaps sickness in Philadelphia?
Eagle has been in the botruns lately, it is a symbol of the city of Philadelphia. Pen has and been in the botruns recently but that has been associated with cops and marshal.
eagle impressed revenge sick sorry 8-25
eagle gonna party lion sick serious 8-26
The Eagles play the Lions on Nov 26, 2015 in Detroit.
Amazing connections and insights, you two! Both lead roads leads to Philadelphia, either by way of an actual geographic city or by way of amazing experimental science. Either way, I am profoundly excited about this dream now. When I woke up, I was really disturbed about Dr. Phil's driving. It really got to me....his carelessness and reckless behavior.

Twice: You picked up on botruns connecting Eagles and Lions. Get this, my last dream included a great big white cat cleaning his paws. I called it a tiger, but in reality it could have been a lionness.

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