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8/29/15 Nuclear Explosion
Trending: trap nuclear explosion trade awkward sorry fri forced hacker class bomb daughter horizon relax been long sat guy wild luck hate shake august grab competition added liquid knife great glad flip 2015 sexy pretty fly journey crying office shouting fight
Waning: eat relationship clothes energy chair red present eating image opposite sun fish glasses showing easy pond hide art painting orange ship shared student hey symbol hole monster smiling summary ensure wed cheers electric short haunt

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
Uh oh.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

When I was researching the vision, UN General Assembly 2015, that I saw this morning, I noticed one of main things they will discuss is nuclear weapons. Hmmm Have to wait and see how that turns out.
yeah, well slimy slick Dick (Cheney) is back from under the rock he's been hiding for eight years- the Lizard speaks-

you got it- NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONs on the HORIZON with DEALS made with Iran. Might be day residue but hardly from slick dick- he's BEEN under his SORRY ass rock.
art painting...student...hole
This likely has to do with this young boy who was listening to a guide speak about art at a museum, tripped and fell, punching a hole into a 1.5 million dollar painting.

cheers electric short haunt 8-29-15
haunt electric cheers short 8-28-15
So of what type of electrical issue is the dreambot speaking ? Are the cheers for when the issue is fixed? Is it related to a CME? A downed power grid?
Must be something if is in our botruns twice.
I would like to believe it's a electrical failure when someone tries to launch a nuke.

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