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Upcoming External Events
There are a couple of events coming up that people might be interested in.....assuming the world can hold out that long. That reminds me, the dream collection phase of Project September is nearing the end. I will most likely be conducting some linguistics analysis tomorrow, so while dreams can still be dreamt about Project September, we do need to get a move on with the analysis phase. The DreamForecasters and Elders will notice a pun included in that last statement, based on what appears to be the top meme in the PS dreams.

And now for the external events. Neither of these upcoming events are mandatory for anyone. I present them here simply because people probably have not heard about them. The NDC does not sanction either one, nor are we receiving any sort of incentive for advertising them.

PsiberDreaming Online Conference: Sept 27 - Oct 11, 2015. Numerous presenters, including the NDC's presentation called Project August: A Psi Revolution, provide pdf papers about various dream topics. Conference attendees read the presentations online and then ask live questions to the presenters via discussion forum.

Learn more about it here:
and the presentation topics are listed here:

A free course in Corpus Linguistics: Sept 28, ongoing for 8 weeks. I actually know nothing about Lancaster University, nor the professor, Tony McEnery, and thus I cannot make any recommendations about whether to consider taking this course. I can only say that for me personally, one who works with DREAM corpus linguistics on a daily basis, that I am actually signed up for this course. Linguistics is something that is still fairly new to me, and I want to learn about different ways to work with the data and even different strategies to collect it, interpret it, and present it.

The title of the course is Corpus Linguistics: Method, Analysis, Interpretation. I was hoping that the NDC operations could be enhanced by knowing a little more about corpus linguistics.

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