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Riding along for miles
Earlier snippet:
I'm at a carnival trying to trade something I own for something else. That same heightened, forced happiness and atmosphere from before, that's all just surface. I don't like it there.

A snippet right before I woke up:
I'm walking with my mom (deceased) down a country road. We're discussing her downsizing her car to something smaller. As we're walking, a river appears next to us, with a small island and a small house on it (day residue from TV).

Then we are on bikes, and I can see the country road ahead has very gently rolling hills. Very green and beautiful. (reminds me of the same location I was driving on a few dreams ago). We talk about how we used to ride bikes, and she realized she wouldn't be up for this trip. But I am looking forward to riding along for miles.... Big Grin
Handing in or transfer of a mode of travel. Overlaps my latest dream of the transfer of a jet. It's not a big overlap, but if there was an overlap, that's what it would be.

Other than that, we again have travel/relocation. But the traveling is getting harder.

Thanks, Goldengirl!
Eagle1, the link's not working for me. Tells me I'm restricted...must be a glitch in the matrix!
Oh, right. I put that link there for DreamForecasters to reference. They can read everyone's dreams, and then you'll be able to read it once all the dreams go public. Hopefully this doesn't seem unfair to our dreamers, but we're doing things like this to reduce day residue drifting between project dreams. Smile

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