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Rising waters
No intention set

There's a small island. At first I think it's in a lake but discover it's in the ocean. Fairly barren. No trees, no real wildlife beyond birds. There's a scientific outpost there but I don't know what they were studying or researching. There were military people there, too, from different branches. The person in charge was USArmy, a full bird colonel. It's like he's giving me the fifty cent tour, showing me around the station. I go outside and see that water has risen, as if a big tide has rolled in. The station is barely above the water. As I watch the water goes out, leaving the island a boggy, soggy mess. Then the water comes back in, once again inundating almost the entire island. The colonel says, And this is why we have to evacuate. The water's been getting higher and higher. I nod. Look back at the building and see solar panels atop the roof. Two panels are empty. The colonel see where I'm looking and says, We lost two panels in the last storm. We're now operating at about 60% capacity. We've been unable to get replacements so we've been working on fixing the others. We're trying to recharge them but not having much luck. I say, How is it possible there are tides? You're on an island in the ocean. He shrugs and says, Beats me. All I know is the water is here. I look out over the water. Beyond the building sitting above the water, there is no indication of any land. It's just water, as far as the eye can see. We don't have much time, he says quietly. The water's rising faster than we anticipated. Pretty soon there won't be any indication this island ever existed. It will just be the water. As we watch, a helicopter flies over the station, hovers, and equipment is lowered onto the roof of the station. I realize that a helicopter is the only way off this island. You need to speed up your timetable, I say. Or have more helicopters. Otherwise, it will take too long. I know, he says. We both silently watch the helicopter take off.

Mental state: Curious, with a sense of foreboding. Whatever was going on was more drastic than just what I was seeing. I also had no clue what the research was at the station. That was never mentioned.

I didn't get a feel for the location of the island beyond it was in an ocean.
This botrun 08-19-2015 might speak to you. Water isn't mentioned but look the rest.

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