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Project September 2015 Report
3) Night of September 24: There could possibly be a 'skyflash'. By 'skyflash' we mean a prominent lighting up of the sky from a meteorite or lightning ...or perhaps something else. We have no specific location in mind but could be near the Pope. We are thinking Washington, DC or New York. This will increase the emotional focus on the Pope.

Did the Sun affect the San Diego Blackout? S0 News Sept 21, 2015

Galactic Flares - Milky Way Awakens | S0 News September 24, 2015
Milky Way's black hole show signs of increased chatter:
The word "flash" is also showing up in the Nostracodeus linguistics runs. It was present from September 19 through September 22.
From his website

"We note that ‘America’ has sorted to the bottom of the list indicating a world re-focus on Europe and Russia. Lately the word ‘flash’ has been associated with Russia. Flash can be linked to Cameras, flash military messages, a nuclear explosion flash and the kind of flash in which some warped people engage. We are sure it is not the latter."

It will be interesting to see how this "flash" materializes.
my bet is on the flash from the center of this galaxy, as Sherriann points out.
Not sure how trust worthy NASA is (if ever) yet they have come out with data
to verify this
"It would have a lot of 'splainin' to do" if it DOESN'T happen.
Question is - when.
These events don't follow 3D schedules.This skyflash has been en route for
I am actually curious about the G2 cloud that seems to act as a transmitter for the chatter.
I read somewhere the other day that it is very possible we ARE getting messages from Outer Space only
we consider it background 'noise'.
Who here is an interpreter please?
time to call Jodie Foster-

i need to go out and buy a microwave just to keep my computer in it as a Faraday cage.
Trouble is if an EMP from the flash happens- no one will be online now will they?
Adding this about Super Typhoon Dujuan which is headed toward Taiwan after hitting Japan. It fits with our water meme and relocation.

Additional link.
This is very exciting!
It may very well be WORLD CHANGING!!!!
Certainly this is the biggest water/ red rock hit we have had for project September!!!!
Nasa says the have proof of water on Mars! And they are saying LIFE on Mars is very possible.

"There are implications for the existence of life on the planet today, because any liquid water raises the possibility that microbes could also be present. And for future astronauts on Mars, the identification of water supplies near the surface would make it easier for them to "live off the land"."
(09-24-2015, 02:42 PM)DLP Wrote: Milky Way's black hole show signs of increased chatter:

Going back a bit further:

For the record, the earliest article I can find for the 'flash' is September 22.

Milky Way's black hole shows signs of increased chatter
Phys.Org - ‎Sep 23, 2015‎
Three orbiting X-ray space telescopes have detected an increased rate of X-ray flares from the usually quiet giant black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy after new long-term monitoring. Scientists are trying to learn whether this is normal ...

Milky Way's black hole is more active!
EarthSky - ‎Sep 24, 2015‎
The black hole at the center of our home galaxy, the Milky Way. ... Scientists using combined data from three orbiting X-ray space telescopes report a recent tenfold increase in the rate of X-ray flares from the Milky Way's black hole within the past ...

Is the Milky Way's Black Hole Feeding? - ‎Sep 24, 2015‎
This mysterious dusty object made a splash in 2012 when it was discovered heading straight for an encounter with the Milky Way's central supermassive black hole. Astronomers waited with baited breath (and telescopes tuned to wavelengths from radio to ...

Mysterious cosmic dustball fires up Milky Way's black hole
The Register - ‎Sep 23, 2015‎
Alternatively, it could be that black holes just get more active from time to time – the faster flare periods have occurred in other black holes outside of our galaxy. The only way to find out is to carry on looking, and the team will continue using ...

The Black Hole at the Core of Our Milky Way Has Grown Restless
Softpedia News - ‎Sep 24, 2015‎
“Three orbiting X-ray space telescopes have detected an increased rate of X-ray flares from the usually quiet giant black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy after new long-term monitoring,” researchers say. Apparently, Sagittarius A* is now ...

Orbital telescopes detect increased activity from the supermassive black hole ...
Gizmag - ‎Sep 25, 2015‎
The telescopes had previously undertaken a long term observation campaign of the region in an attempt to better understand the monster lurking at the heart of the Milky Way. The results of the study, which drew on data collected over a 15 year span ...

Did Mystery Object Rumble Our Monster Black Hole?
Discovery News - ‎Sep 24, 2015‎
Until recently, the Milky Way's supermassive black hole — that resides in a region of our galaxy's core called Sagittarius A* — has been generating bright flares roughly once every 10 days. Over the past year, however, activity has increased and ...

Story image for galactic flares - milky way from Christian Post
Monster black hole in recent galaxy 'too big,' mystery object stirs ...
Christian Post-Sep 25, 2015
... object that seemed to have rumbled the hole in the Milky Way. ... has been releasing bright flares roughly once in 10 days but in the past year ...

Story image for galactic flares - milky way from Phys.Org
The sun
Phys.Org-8 hours ago
Our sun is brighter than most of the other stars in the galaxy (which are also ... Coronal mass ejections and solar flares occur when these magnetic field .... The sun lies close to the inner rim of the Milky Way's Orion Arm, in the ...

Story image for galactic flares - milky way from Daily Mail
'Cosmic sonic booms' hidden by dust could be spotted with radio ...
Daily Mail-Sep 23, 2015
The galactic centre is the rotational centre of the Milky Way and ... The array aims to pick up signals from flaring stars, flashing planets and ...

Story image for galactic flares - milky way from Discovery News
Star Shocked: Seeking Stars' 'Sonic Boom'
Discovery News-Sep 22, 2015
Well, the same is often true for our galaxy's center, where the stars and ... can be so dense we have great difficulty seeing objects in the Milky Way's core. ... a flare in the night through its interaction with the interstellar medium.

Story image for galactic flares - milky way from Astronomy Now Online
21 September 2015 in News: Astronomers identify a new class of ...
Astronomy Now Online-Sep 22, 2015
This galaxy is home to the ultraluminous X-ray source NCG1313X-1, ... 14 million light-years from the Milky Way in the southern constellation Reticulum. ... two repeating flares, each flashing at an unusually steady frequency.
We are having to wait until the Pope settles back in Rome to get an idea of what happened while he was in the US (a.k.a: upstaging).

Francis may have brought the House down in DC, but it's Xi Jinping who really rocked da house in the West Coast.

It's a convoluted piece from the Asia Times that I really don't understand:

Also, as the Pope was leaving, 60 Minutes was interviewing Putin and Trump, pictures of the Pope's 'flying cape' appear along with an announcement of a 'Pope' music CD going on sale. All of these events either add to or take away from the intention/emotion/popularity of the Pope's visit. Very subtle, but it is there.
With your wonderful synopsis of the Milky Way/Black Hole NASA articles
lets not diminish the actuality or have this fall away into the mists of memory-
I would consider this one-
Another  BIG HIT for the September Project skyflash predictive.

anyone else concur?
Where should we park this if so?

Interesting that these world changing events are sourcing OFF the planet not on it.
Thanks, AD. I just copied and pasted the entire string of articles.
I'm just now catching up on this thread. So we also had the expected sky flash?! That seems rather important, just like the Mars water. Speaking of water. Anyone notice the Drudge headline about record-level flooding in the Carolinas?
Parking this link here for later -

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