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10/20/15 The Next Academy Episode
Is this our witch?  Exploding Weather?  I believe it may be so.
witch worry send bust explosion view

Blizzard, Tornado Warnings as Storm System Makes Way Across U.S.
It's called the "Witch of November," and it's casting its spell on millions across the middle of the country.

The November Witch is what meteorologists call the powerful low-pressure weather system that's expected to sock the Upper Midwest and the Ohio Valley with severe gusty winds through Friday.
The phenomenon — which is brewed up when intense low pressure clashes with a pocket of high pressure — is what sank the ship memorialized in "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" almost exactly 40 years ago.

The storm — which overturned semis, damaged homes and knocked out power to tens of thousands Wednesday across Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri — will move into southwest Minnesota and eastern South Dakota on Wednesday night before clobbering the Great Lakes, the northern Plains and the Ohio, northern Mississippi and Missouri valleys on Thursday, forecasters said.

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