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10/28/15 Welcoming the new computing paradigm
Trending: alt welcome notified wrapping view private generic icon added profile exam query hours add width plane link october submitted email group voted response overlay ref registration update parent select element gender input confirm responses label unlike frame passionate drug device
Waning: big girl went though while think lucidity than find got when room where guy really solid going house remember comments people around time down categories into lucid one back had were up there dream class

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
It looks like the dream world is receding/pausing today, but it's not. The lousy surge scores are based on dreambot’s inability to read one of the dream databases out there on the internet. I repeated the run several times and even restarted the computer to no avail. I gave up based on time, but there must be a reason for this outage. Each run produced the same results…those that you see here. So, let’s digest it shall we?

I’ve gotta be honest….it looks like a continuation of admin words to me. October Submitted Email Group Voted Response. I’m changing my tune from yesterday. I believe we’re seeing warnings about some big event in the computing world. We have references to websites, registration forms, emails, forum responses, etc. The words don’t just focus on one little admin area….it covers many of the different computer tasks. At the very top, we have ALT WELCOME. An alternative paradigm of computing??

Wish I had time to look at this run a bit harder, but just know that I have officially changed my view from yesterday’s comments. I think we’re being warned of something in these largely admin-related bot runs.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

I think I agree with you about the admin. words especially since it overlaps with my Hacking dream.  Whatever it is, it seems it will be big!
I am going to focus on what does NOT appear to be admin. words first because those words must be important to have broken into the admin. chain of surging words.
The first word clearly to break through is plane.  Again, plane.  So I  repeat myself, something is going to happen with a plane and I expect it to be big since our bot has been focused on this theme for some time now. It is possible that a plane might have it's computer systems hacked into, it has recently been discussed in the media that certain planes are now vulnerable to this possibility.  
The next word is October.  Well, that isn't very helpful is it?  October might even be an admin word.  
The next words appear to be: generic, parent, passionate, drug and device.
Wrapping is on the list.  Is that an admin word?  I am not sure.

Does anyone else "feel" that the admin. words and exam, generic, parent, drug, and device might be connected "medically speaking?"  
One fills out forms at a medical office and those forms will have many of the same admin words on it. A  parent must sign forms for minors.  Generic drugs are used.  Doctors give exams and use medical devices.
So really, except for plane and maybe wrapping, this could all be about "medical hacking" or a medical/technology event.
Twice, I'm going to concur with your analysis. Just saw some computing-related hogwash concerning climate change.... Perhaps a warmup to the bigger computing event...
Throwing something different out here : Plane doesn't necessarily refer to a flying machine. It could reference a different reality or existence.

With that thought in mind, plane link caught my eye, especially on the heels of the ley lines /line underneath discussion a few days ago. Isn't CERN working on opening a portal?

And reading through the waning list, the whole run tells a story. A garbled story, sure, but a story nonetheless.
This story is back again this week and BIG which might explain why we are having Teck words.
Also, in this context, October might mean The Hunt For Red October type of October.

"Russia, the Internet and a new way to wage war? According to a report in The New York Times this week, the presence of Russian spy ships near important trans-Atlantic data cables is causing consternation among American military and intelligence officials. What, if anything, are the Russians planning to do? Are they trying to see how easily they could cut the cables if war broke out?"
All anybody knows for sure is that the game theory that we used to plot out provocations and responses during the Cold War is obsolete in a digital age.
Add this story.
The KKK has been hacked and we are about to find out who some of those are behind their masks.

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