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Dream a little dream with me
Thought it might be nice to have all the suggestions for maintaining good dream "health" all in one spot! So I've collected all the advice I've recently received here, and hope it helps someone else too! If you'd like to post any new suggestions, I'll edit and add them to the list.

Suggestions from the NDC Brain Trust

1. Go to bed earlier.
2. Set an intention to remember your dream. Say it over and over all throughout the day, but especially as you are falling asleep...."I will remember my dreams tomorrow morning right when I wake up.
3. Meditate quietly before going to bed (no staring at the computer or iphone right before bed).
4. Mentally practice writing your dream down in the morning. Visualize yourself waking up, staying still, and recalling the dream. Imagine turning over and picking up the pencil to write the keywords down.
5. Develop a habit in waking life to label everything you see. "Car" "Person" "Plane" etc. When you get used to that, you'll automatically start doing it in your dream.
6. Keep a dream journal close at hand, and make an intention to record whatever you remember, however small
7. Look for themes in your dream journaling. Themes can appear over the course of time, and you can track them and look for deeper meaning
8. Do a quick check on your health, find out if you are reaching REM sleep or not. To track things informally without going to get checked out at a sleep centre, you can get fitness devices these days that track your sleep periods. Make some adjustments to your sleeping environment, to ensure greater comfort and restfulness.  Also look into making sure you are getting some decent vitamins and minerals (decent diet is important too), perhaps have your melatonin levels checked if you are not reaching a deep enough level of sleep
9. All those electronic devices, including phones, give off electromagnetic fields of varying strengths. If you sleep with the phone near the bed, it's possible those fields interfere with the dreamtime frequencies. Try turning it off or leaving it in another room.
10. Pay attention to your health and enhance your sleep. Good nutrition counts, no caffeine within about 2-5 hours before bedtime, get plenty of healthy exposure to the sun, and regular exercise. A healthy body will help sleep come more naturally!
11. Read about dreams and techniques, whether in a book or on the internet. (but watch that blue screen light right before bed, it can mess with your circadian rhythms). Reading about dreams, and immersing yourself in the subject can help promote dream recall.
Thank you, Goldengirl! Phenomenal idea!

We might also want to add all the other things that generally enhance sleep, such as good nutrition, no caffeine within about 2-5 hours of bedtime, plenty of exposure to the sun, plenty of regular exercise, etc. etc.

Great job consolidating and thank you for doing so! There are certainly more techniques, so we can just go ahead and document them here in this thread.
Thanks to Goldengirl pointing me to this thread just today, I am appreciating it.

I hope this thing doesn't get forgotten and is added to, indeed. This awakening and knowing I've been dreaming, even feeling as if I'm back from going places does stink.

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