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11/1/15 November: The Disturbing Jurassic Event?
Ever watch 'Persons of Interest' ?
Here we are- Samaritan.
(11-02-2015, 04:51 PM)awakeneddreamer Wrote: Not to be a grim reaper here but something occurred to me after reading Eagle1's take on
NDCers going through the gauntlet... any surprise?

Circuit breakers off, power out - I've been in on enough cardiac cases of which
pacemakers are included. Electrical circuit-
Of course and EMP could also effect that too.
Make sure your dad stays away from microwaves too.
My prayers are with you and family.
god bless SHDW

Jurassic park is too close for coinkydink Eagle1. Its not a meteor coming, its talking to US.

The gauntlet indeed, I just talked a cop out of towing my van and dogs! Got called out of work! They towed a whole line of vehicles on the street I parked on, and I don't know why, but I convinced him not to take my car too! Geez, talk about panic attack!

A logic bomb could erase people from the system, and then the system itself will make life impossible for that person, because if you are listed as Dead or don't exist, good luck procuring the necessities of life without being labeled a criminal!
Form response

I have a different take on that phrase, that it may partly be an administration thing but I think it's more than that, especially since it was repeated over several days. Think of it as an instruction from the bot to us, that we need to form a response to whatever may be coming down.

IOW, get ready, people. Pardon the vernacular but shit is getting real.

I know I'm busy with getting everything organized and squared away because I'm getting not -so -subtle messages that it's about time for me to go on the move. My sleep cycles have been very erratic of late and the dreams I do have are very personal, as if information I will need is being given to me.
DLP, I think you are bang on with that, stuff is beginning to hit the fan a bit. I think we're definitely getting warning shots across the bow. I'm getting all sorts of pointed kicks in the butt to be mobile.
(11-05-2015, 03:55 PM)DLP Wrote: Form response

My sleep cycles have been very erratic of late and the dreams I do have are very personal, as if information I will need is being given to me.

Mine, too. Same thing with the dreams.
I HAVE NO HEAT WHERE I AM. think that is a kick in the butt to move?

Sheriann, talk about lights out here is one for you- are we next?

2.1 Million Greeks Face Blackout As Public Power Company Unpaid Bills Soars

and for Germany- this is odd news
a woman in Germany spontaneously combusts
Hmm...that is certainly a curcuit breaker off, both you and Greece. Is it THE event though?
could be cumulative, like swarms before the biggy 10.0 type of thing.
Reading Urban Survival the economy looks quite bleak, with the TPP even more jobs going over seas or
as bad to cyborgs/automation.
IF there is a collapse then we are all in the same bucket but if not
then WHO here will have $$ to pay their bills?
If geoengineering weather wars are true (snark snark) then who is to say that blizzards, cold snapsand maybe an earthquake or volcano eruption here are in order or won't be more directed at us this winter?
Lights out and heat off.

This isn't conspiracy theory stuff this IS all happening as the SHTF progresses. Like as in cumulative s--t.
okay time to think positive. lalalalalalala
I think I'll go for a walk in the rain to get warm.

Our power went out during a storm last weekend. When it came back on, my room was still dark. No power in there at all. I was without power until yesterday, when the electrician came out. I joked I was being told it was lights out time for me. Maybe it wasn't a joke. It was definitely a message, though. Big Grin
My power has been out for 30 min and will be out for another two hours. I need my ac!  Seriously though my first thought was the MIB cut my power to kidnapp me. Or it's a EMP. Of the two I'll take the MIB, they will have ac.

I had one foot in the tub when the power went out so I quickly lock the door, put clothes back on. I look outside and it just a few houses not the whole block. I light a candle grabbed my cell phone and continue my bath.

Now I am going to try and get to sleep while listening to my neighbors loud a** generator. I hope the damn thing blows up. Yes I am a little grumpy because I don't have ac right now.

It's times like this that make me want to 're-evaluate my emergency preperations.
Ok, how can we all be having power issues within a one week span of time??? It has been years since I had a power outage and then it can preceeding the quake. This is just weird. Or as DLP would say, there are no coincidences.
(11-06-2015, 12:12 AM)twiceblessed9 Wrote: Ok, how can we all be having power issues within a one week span of time???   It has been years since I had a power outage and then it can preceeding the quake.  This is just weird. Or as DLP would say, there are no coincidences.


The thing with getting messages is they tend to need interpreting. Even if the form of delivery is the same/similar, the message itself could be different for each person. It's a matter of following figurative breadcrumbs, piecing together different bits of info until you get something that makes sense and causes the "Aha!" moment. It's not unlike trying to figure out what the bot is trying to tell us.

I'm not as gifted in connecting dots as others here are, so bear with me as I meander all over the landscape with no seeming destination:

This post from Eagle caught my eye:
Quote:None. Other than half my devices telling me one time and half of my devices telling me another time. Apparently that STUPID time change thing happened this weekend, and half my devices caught it....LOL.
That happened to me as well. One device updated right away, another took a full three days before it updated. All the clocks up at the house are still an hour off because I haven't reset them yet.

Time changes. People caught off guard by the shift.

Then there's the "circuit breakers off". What happens when a circuit breaker pops? Power is interrupted. A bunch of us are experiencing power interruptions, all of which caught us off guard.

The "Jurassic event"...I think it doesn't matter if we're talking about an actual event or the movie. It's the overall theme. What happened in the movie? People caught off guard by events/bad decisions and spend the rest of the movie scrambling to stay alive.

I think we're being warned that we're in danger of being caught off guard and being unprepared for whatever is about to happen. If that's so, it's an event we didn't anticipate, amongst all the events we've discussed. It has to do with power/energy either going wild, a power surge which would also trip circuit breakers/fry out the circuits, or the loss of power, as in a grid going down. Lights out, so to speak.

Way back when, I remember reading about a sign overlooking a freeway heading out of Seattle: "Last one out of Seattle, turn out the lights."

Another post from Eagle:
Quote:What is going on with NDC folks? Suffering and more suffering.
There's a lot going on right now in the lives of many of the NDC denizens. Events that are shaking out the dross from our lives. Events that are taking up a lot of our attention.

"Form response"...Pay attention. Notice the details.

I think there's also another message in there: Those who have been sitting on the fence, who haven't decided if they want to become involved or even to wake up, are being told they need to make their decision. Red pill or the blue pill. Staying on the fence isn't an option now. Even no choice is a choice.

A couple hours ago, an energetic spike was driven into my third eye. I've been barely able to think since then. It's easing now, a bit, so I think I've just passed along some messages.

Now it's up to the mega-dot connectors. No pressure, people, right? Big Grin
I have lived in this town for 7 years. In that time the power has gone out maybe 3 times due to bad weather and it was only out for the most maybe 15 minutes. Last night the weather was perfect. I don't know yet why the transformer went out. Just called the City and was told a car hit a transformer.
november form response disturbed event jurassic
The latest theory on how much volcano eruptions and meteors affected the dinosaurs.
Excellent, Twice. Thanks for that!

Also, Sherriann already put this news into another bot run with Rhino. I don't think there's a better species that looks more "Jurassic" than the Rhino.

Lingo: Disturbed Event Jurassic


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