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10/30/15 Red Alert: A View of the Porn Monster
Trending: eyed monster porn spell cast jet struggling david soldiers mental major university green makeup number lingerie easy math completely happen accept exactly putting tea view dutch layout lap distracted attractive cousin sea failed one bunch mother plastic seem discuss shower
Waning: trouble ride com method remove spirit childhood check dreamt 2014 alien set become amazing minute scary moon multiple sister camera record snake imagine dance lady crying snow match mon thanks action enjoyable porcupine pack stable

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
(Note: this run was actually conducted on time, and I remember posting it shortly after the run was completed on that day. However, for whatever reason, it didn't "take," and so I'm reposting it now thanks to my fellow NDC users who noticed that the 30th was missing from our inventory.)

Day residue for jet struggling:

Red Alert is weak in terms of support. I’m guessing that “Eyed Monster” might be coming from the disgusting-yet-somewhat-common phrase “One-Eyed Monster,” which definitely connects linguistics word Porn and tomorrow's Halloween day. The run today seems a little risqué if you ask me. Porn and Lingerie are Casting Spells upon humanity.

Struggling David Soldiers: Look for Israel’s military to headline a waning force. We might also include JET in that phrase, in which case I expect some sort of news story detailing how Israel is falling behind the rest of the world’s newer fighter fleets.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

david soldiers
War games happening in Israel.

Tom Cruise is a big member and I recall a movie he made "Eyes wide Shut" reminded me of today's bot run
"EYE MONSTER PORN" therefore am wondering if something explosive is coming up in that genre,. another Bill Cosby or
more sinister like CASTing a SPELL on those addicted to entertainment.

(11-03-2015, 02:29 PM)twiceblessed9 Wrote: david soldiers
War games happening in Israel.
fail jet struggling may be related to david soldiers
There is an article analyzing this but let me just copy paste part of it I posted yesterday-
"there was a UN sanctioned International Military exercise- (air) in south Israel that day, conveniently
where the airliner took a turn from heading toward Turkey and then St Petersburg;  to a north west direction then evaporated off the radar."
The Times of Israel piece has disappeared.
How convenient....

(11-03-2015, 10:56 PM)Sherriann Wrote: The Times of Israel piece has disappeared.
This run! the day before Halloween, it makes sense now. This is one creepy run, wow. Dangit, finding it when having so little time.

For example, this group "trouble ride com method remove spirit childhood" is great for Halloween theme and yet it may have a headline that exposes the new, public school program called "Common Core." Oh yeah!

LOL well trick or treat on this one, I bet bot was thinking, "eyed monster porn spell cast."

Christmas didn't have a run that was nailing the theme, I don't think, but wow for this date. Oh yeah "amazing minute scary moon" you gotta be kidding! What a perfect run for this date.

More Halloween and there's just gotta be a headline for "camera record snake imagine dance lady crying!"

Hope to get back to this thing. It's a labyrinth of the mind. Big Grin Cool

Hours after posting this, *Common Core* is in the news and it sounds like a biggee. (except since CC is a direct product of current DC Admin., the MSM cannot be relied on to allow this to be, or make it the really big news that it is, we shall see about that, ahem)


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