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11/18/15 Sex Scandal in Football?
Trending: class view rip gear secretly private profile forum message entries add solid cinema precognitive bell football sex reports national membership strange slide executive recently send obvious subconscious mode starts bird elevator wedding sunny request higher use seem sent aunt linked
Waning: build event hey level unknown sat dare block till dreamed inc wet text task thanks min intention journey journal lucid skinny thank nail final emotional front multiple made comments days first long portal epic avatar

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
Here we go again with someone messing with admin code in their dream database. There are many admin words near the top again, but I don’t think it diminishes the information coming through. I see Group 1 as a warning to the middle class. I expect another secret maneuver to rip those gears out of that class.

If Group 2 is predictive, then I’m expecting some sort of sex scandal in one of the football leagues. Executives will slide after this one is reported nationally. Remember that football can denote both American football and soccer. I included the word "Bell" in the linguistics because I was thinking about the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia....will the Eagles be in the middle of this scandal?

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Bird elevator, sounds like maybe a migration issue? Or...turkey sales are down or climb.
That was a correct observation by Windy. The old football sex scandals that were correctly predicted by the old dreambot is located here:

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