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12/8/15 Escaping the Dogma
Trending: rigid classical mon cooking days escape matt epic beam cheating view peek visual space jeans magic who thank fruit facial plagued warning december music enjoy snakes father pick sen missing reaction interest objective marshall anonymous aunt jump cat really lock
Waning: finally sea since eating garden food changed experience starting lucidity giving action bright desk true support sword three need upset form ice false wild light far direct awesome monster keys sun sat fri crowded longest

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
I think Sherriann might actually have a point in yesterday’s analysis….the collective is clamoring to get away from this terrorist meme. In today’s run, Rigid Classical could be associated with it basically says "this is the way we've always done it!" But then, “Days Escape” are included in the caution area, which is believe suggests that Sherriann is right.

However, below that, we’re looking at another epic sex scandal, I believe……. Cheating and Peek and Visual all clumped together for some reason.

Additional bonus for today is Group 1. Something food-related is about the change your experience! This should be interesting.

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