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12/9/15 The Bond Crash Indicator and the Unfamiliar God
Trending: vaguely bond demanding principal cheating james losing escape clarity boss husband nurse cleansing dreamer classical rigid saint truck seeing cooking arrived metro thank cinema bathroom underneath colleague act unfamiliar god dumb beam sorry days visiting furniture leads december drove ajax
Waning: dog sky scene parts used garage number comments around sun noticed sign shower interest beach bus level facial enjoy glad hair advice sound visual keep experiment man terrorism plane up basic class view remove dream

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
Straight to the bond market we go, folks. Bond Demanding Principle Cheating is all about the junk bond market. I won’t mince words, as the following blog was written just 3 hours prior to the botrun:

The extreme carnage that we are witnessing in the junk bond market right now is one of the clearest signals yet that a major U.S. stock market crash is imminent. For those that are not familiar with "junk bonds," please don't get put off by the name. They aren't really "junk." They simply have a higher risk and thus a higher return than other bonds of the same type.”

Please don't forget that we're still awaiting the Red Alert from 11/29/15: (Lingo: economic government tons mess needs among wars)

So the dreams are seeing the bond market for some reason, and they are also seeing an unfamiliar god. Look at Group 2: Unfamiliar God Dumb Beam Sorry Days Visiting. The curious thing about Group 2 is that the god is both dumb and unfamiliar. I’m thinking that UFO sighting goes majorly awry. They may even transmit a beam that accidentally creates havoc (since they are sorry afterwards).

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Bond demanding principal cheating tags in with this thread from a few days ago:

Unfamiliar god dumb beam sorry Um...oopsies?

Seriously, though, it also ties into the other thread:
Quote:Station sky power What would happen if some of the satellites that provide, say, GPS functions went down for some reason? Or communications?
dog sky scene parts used garage number comments around sun noticed sign shower
What could dog mean in this case?  Well a few possible things other than a 4 legged friend.
I am thinking of 2 things when I see dog sky scene.  The first is Sirius.  Sirius is the Dog Star in constellation Canis Major and also is a satellite radio service. Both make sense when paired with dog sky scene.  Dog also has to do with machinery as it has to do with "any of various mechanical devices, as for gripping or holding something. "  That could go with parts used garage numbers.  
If we add  visual keep experiment man terrorism plane up basic class view remove, it could be an airplane terrorism event in the sky.
Dog can also mean "a complete and utter failure"  which fits an "airplane event".
I would look for an airplane event happening in the sky.  Possibly a satellite failure.  Parts will likely shower down from the sky and when found, be numbered and stored in a garage or storage building. The sun may point to the fact it will happen during the day or possibly be a logo (sign) on the plane.
I thought about Sirius too! (going to school on your putt, Twice!)

And dog could also refer to tailing someone, and also to being persistent.

And in a reply to Windy's dream about being in a dog's body, Lean made an interesting link from DOG - SIRIUS - SYRIA.

Oh my gosh. Twice calls it yet again. Being an aspiring constellation watcher/finder, I am absolutely ashamed at myself for overlooking the sky dog. Sirius....ABSOLTULEY! Great job again Twice!
dog sky scene
UNSW Australia astronomers have discovered the closest potentially habitable planet found outside our solar system so far, orbiting a star just 14 light years away.The planet, more than four times the mass of the Earth, is one of three that the team detected around a red dwarf star called Wolf 1061

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