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CameTrue 12/10/15 Consequences
Trending: consequences bug smoking saint garden ring metro miss beast matt visual greek yea wed necessary jeans giant yesterday totally backpack blue december think bird honest james adventure beam bond warning cycle lines finger book scenario certain disaster job failed peek
Waning: female event sign girlfriend stop stairs children card share tree nightmare animals form mall 2014 read unknown male support kept link lock father three fruit store losing anonymous mother dreams epic bike guest days dream

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

There is a lot in this run.  I don't know what it all means yet, but there is a lot going  on. This is tricky because I think there are a bunch of mini runs going on and it is difficult to see where one is starting and one is ending.  For instance, is backpack blue together or blue December.   Is it miss and beast or beast and Matt.  Is miss a girl or does it mean missing? There are always questions in botruns regarding words and meanings but today is more difficult to figure out than most days.  Lots of dual meanings and odd groupings.
Anyone else notice something a bit unusual for the past several days?  Many locations/nations are being mentioned, today it is Greek.  Also many names are popping up, more so than normal.  Many of those names can be associated with a Saint.  We have had James, Andrew  and Matt.
Also, jeans is constantly appearing now for days on end.  Why jeans? Seriously, does anyone at all have any idea about jeans?
Look at james and then a few words later there's bond. James Bond, 007. Made me chuckle.
Sorry guys. Just noticed that I botched the caution flag. I'm sure this is the first time I messed it It should be moved to between metro and miss. I would change it, but to be frank....the 30 score was originally cued up based on previous observation, not scientific rigor. We probably have enough statistical data at this point to better refine the caution area, but do we have enough manpower to do it? There is another benefit to keeping the caution flag consistent: it provides a quick measure of how many new dreams are coming into the various dream databases. It does tend to be subtly cyclic.
I am going to link  totally backpack blue december and warning cycle lines finger book scenario certain disaster.  This would go with the LA Unified School District shutdown.  The following link has the actual email which was sent to the district.  Much of the email warning relates to the words above.
Wow, Twice. I think is this incredible that you found the lingo because the story does resemble it very well. I look at a connection like this and just feel somewhat could we possibly have interpreted this correctly ahead of time? Perhaps our bot runs aren't fully tweeked yet. But as I look at the run, those groupings do appear to be our only clues. Maybe that's the runs simply give clues and trends. Details need to be incubated back into the dreaming process, i.e., the P1 team. I can't yet imagine doing a P1 mission for every bot run, but I suppose if this project/website gets big enough, we'll have enough dreamers to do it.

Sorry for rambling. Great job, Twice. It is vitally important we capture these connections!

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