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12/12/15 Applying the Obama Puzzle
Trending: applying puzzle obama fri mechanic consequences thin makeup bike meeting streets public jumping days bug outlook garden sat remove dictionary aunt facial jail taylor cell congratulations murder choice missing purpose knew answer meant naked ring yea feminine modern leaning materials
Waning: false real look thinking changed climb decided need sex way leave wed lucidity window tell experience inside view gun adventure sorry early lucid seeing there back start bed class think one now dream into up

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
Wow, what a run! I believe this might be our first run with Obama in it. Why now? I’m seeing two different possible memes from Group 1 and Obama. First, it might be referencing a possible breakdown (mechanic consequences). Then, I was thinking that Thin Makeup implies that his cover will soon be blown This is either metaphoric, in that we finally see him for who he really is, or perhaps its even literal with real makeup….which leads me straight to Group 4. If this all goes together, we might be looking at some sort of cross dressing or transgender news associated with Obama.

Group 2 reminds me of the Great Depression, where people were jumping out the windows when the market crashed. Experts are warning of another market crash in our current market. The market descended 300 points yesterday, so maybe next week it crashes? Group 2 could also be predicting some startling suicide statistics in the coming days.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

mechanic consequences thin makeup - Maybe a mechanic's stupidity causes an accident of some sort and there is a cover up. ( transportation or industry of some sort).
Garden- 6 days of garden. Why?  What is associated with gardens.  Food? Water? Sun? (mother nature)  Fertilizer ( terrorist ingredient)? Is there going to be an issue with food? Garden is also associated with New Jersey, the Garden State.
11-28- insight safe instrument sunrise there moon forth garden shower stop unfamiliar father container tar place
12-6- stars sat lane mean water basic garden
12-7-prediction three animal sun andrew man garden energy brown dreaming cart hair great seated rest arrive waves traveling item taking
12-8-finally sea since eating garden food changed experience starting lucidity giving action bright
12-10-consequences bug smoking saint garden ring metro miss beast matt visual
12-12-meeting streets public jumping days bug outlook garden sat remove

I would add jail to group 3.
Excellent analysis, Twice. Thanks for adding Jail in Group 3. I agree!
Saw this headline on Drudge, and remembered the suicide statistics warning from this bot run.

The analysis was "Group 2 could also be predicting some startling suicide statistics in the coming days." Lingo was "meeting streets public jumping days"

Headline: "The boom, the bust, the darkness: suicide rate soars in wake of Canada's oil crisis"
public jumping days bug outlook garden - disturbing news if you are a human being.  Might we be looking to plants and the "garden" for treating bacterial infections in the near future because there is no alternative?
bike meeting streets public jumping days
This might be about the planned Brussels terror attack which was to be carried out on bikes during New Years celebrations. Public jumping days sure fits.

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