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I had 2 dreams the same night Dec 13th, both about shortages. They were short dreams, or at least that is how I am remembering them.

First dream was about a shortage of cash. I have a wad of cash and a relative doesn't have any that weekend and asks to borrow it. I loan most of the cash but hold back some for myself. For some reason the cash is important- I assume the ATMs aren't working. Then someone else asks me to lend cash and I lie and say I have already loaned out all my cash. In the dream I feel terribly guilty about lying.

Second dream was about shortages of goods. I don't remember the details of this one. I just remember waking up and thinking - oh wait that is 2 dreams on the same topic.

Over the years, one of the recurring dreams I have is one about food shortages. People standing in line waiting for food or empty shelves in grocery stores. Often the details are different but the overall theme is scarcity of food.

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