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Seeing the Past
12/17/2015 AM
no intent
location: a local Houston dry cleaners

As my husband was at home building a display case out of 1x2 lumber and Plexiglass for a garment I had owned for over 40 years, I was standing at the counter of a dry cleaning shop. I was asking to have the garment cleaned, pressed and repaired. The owner of the shop seemed annoyed that I had possession of this garment. He was questioning me on where and how I obtained it.
I said:" My step-father brought it back from one of his TDY (temporary duty) trips to Guam, as a gift to me, way back when I was a teenager. It was one of the few gifts he had ever given me. It was the only one that had survived from my youth because it had never fit me properly and I had only worn it for a few minutes. As it had traveled with me in my life of adventure it had become damaged and smoked stained."
The owner seem to be okay but, not happy with that explanation so, I asked him if he could tell me if it was a coat, robe or dress and if he could tell me what the symbols on the thing meant.
Apparently my lack of knowledge angered him and he started yelling at me in a foreign language something about stupid Americans. My temper started to rise but before I could say or do anything I woke up.

Comments: This dream brought up all kinds of memories.
My step-father and I never really got along for many reasons ( I am still working on forgiveness). Of his many trips this was the only one where he brought gifts for the family and really surprised us.
I have always had a violent temper and it has taken years of effort to get it under control.
Someone once told me that in a past life he had been a "Hell-fire and Brimstone" preacher and I had been a "Wild and Wicked" child he wanted to save. I say he was just mean. He was like the father in the movie "The Great Santini".
I still have the garment and it does have the damage I was looking to repair and I still don't know if it is a dress or what.
"Life is like a highway but, sometimes you have more potholes than road."
I am still learning how to navigate that highway.
Thanks for including all those memories and reflections, esholars. Blessings on your continued journey Smile

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