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12/22/15 Suicides as the Relaxed Feel Shame
Trending: suicide complicated mon dreams class bunny tent lamb cashier circus faded parking were now agent fight dream up pizza read when tree monday attempt changed shame consider congrats around there relaxed hoping into owned sought phone paint know other remembered
Waning: experience recall snow journal custom cool true deep state text plastic female children husband air heart link arm cat dragon cancel child sign objective important always escape dreamed dogs apocalypse great ink ghost winter remove

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
The suicide(s) will be complicated, as they always are. But check the lower part of the run…..the relaxed people (the people who did nothing) will feel shame! The bot was already hinting on suicide starting 12/12 of this year: “Streets public jumping days”    So, today's run makes suicide a growing meme.

Something particularly special for TwiceBlessed: Tree Monday attempt. Hmmmm!

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

"winter remove" at the bottom sure makes sense this week.

"Suicide" at the top of the list, well isn't this time of year when they increase? But dang, the collective mind is on this instead of recipes/food, sales, stores, travel, chocolate....the usual holiday stuff. Okay, at this time in the nation and world suicide was likely already ramped-up. However, looking forward to the remaining runs before Christmas Day!

"What's the deal with "bunny" and "lamb?" Perhaps some folks committing suicide feel like sacrificial "lambs" or their loved-ones think of them as that?

Bunny and lamb caught my attention.  Wrong holiday for and Easter theme right?  Where are the Santas, elves and reindeer?  We do have tree, I did see that Eagle. Big Grin
I am interested in dreams class, I wondering if that is about us or dreamers in general.
Oh Wow! Did you notice there are 3 forms of dream in this botrun? 3!! That is something in itself isn't it?
Suicide attempt complicated changed shame:

There's another suicide related story today:
Are we supposed to be designing a dream class? I think so. Look forward to this discussion in the dark rooms of the NDC.
There is only one word without further support but I will throw this out there anyway.
suicide- French authorities say a man suspected of beheading a businessman at a French gas factory in June has killed himself in his prison cell.
Now we have a suicide by crashing a plane in Alaska.


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