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CameTrue 12/26/15 We're gonna get Schooled by Aliens
Trending: futuristic pleasure fancy treat glance alien hotel race class represent back school least person party really prime city trey boat crush room pointing extremely shut ran christmas concern strangely view filled restaurant thinking shocked random fri solid membership missing had
Waning: cat window order text inc logged tall movie form cancel event tiny grocery thanks involved input pain suicide leaves moved female storm complicated stood date link story attempt husband awesome test dolphin spider reaching congrats

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

The dreambot picture was correct, but the text printout of the bot results were originally transcribed from yesterday's run. I fixed it, so today's text printout should now resemble the picture. Thank you, TB9!!!
One day this past week I had a flashback to the part of this dream where I was talking with the alien hybrid child. At the time it happened I wasn't thinking about the dream or dreams or anything related to Aliens.
Maybe the "caution" group is more reference t Project Bluebeam. Seems wisdom dictates that once we have an economic emergency or some type of suitcase nuke/any emergency that they'll hit us with Bluebeam.

Back to school references, no surprise in "class back school."

"Dolphin" next to "spider" is a hmmm.
tall movie form cancel event - sounds like the Golden Globes or Oscars and the event will be canceled or should be canceled. (tall=large)
input pain suicide leaves moved female- speaks for itself I think
person party really prime city - this could be New Years Eve in N.Y City.  Prime is first. This fits well for New Years as it is a prime place for people to party on New Years Eve.
prime city trey boat crush room pointing extremely shut

This reminds me of those concert tragedies where people have gotten stuck in the venue during a fire and died. I agree Twice, "prime city" sounds like New York. Could this be a ferry accident where people get crushed and drown attempting to make it to an exit?
hotel race class represent back school least person party really prime city trey -  Trey is Trey Gowdy, is an influential congressman from S. Carolina.  Hotel class I believe are the presidential candidates who are in the race and have many speeches at hotels. School least person party, would be educating people in the republican party about Rubio, prime city is primary city. "Rep. Trey Gowdy will spend the final days of 2015 campaigning in Iowa with Marco Rubio and will offer the Florida senator his "full support," a campaign aide told CNN Saturday."
Was this storm the "suicide storm" with "awesome husband attempt" that caused "complicated shocked female concern" when the mens' "boat" capsized?

Yes, an update on Miss USA Arkansas 2014's horrible "Christmas extremely shut" headline.

Her hubby's dog has been found alive, staying guard with his best friend's body! (Dog's name is "SAM" and that's in so many runs that there's likely more than two bot runs for this big headline.)

PS, IMO "date link story" also clearly go with this headline. That's a bunch of bot run words that fit and being a literal person, I think this cool.
Lingo: futuristic pleasure fancy treat glance alien hotel race class represent back school least person party

#CameTrue (sort of)

Obama is allegedly reading four books on his Hawaii vacation. Is this realistic? Well that's another story. The point here is that Obama apparently has four books that's he's reading and one of them....

"explores the world of the Trisolarans, an alien civilization on the brink of destruction. When a secret military project in China attempts to make contact with aliens, the Trisolarans capture the signals and decide to invade Earth. Back in China, people split into two camps: those who welcome the aliens and those who want to fight them."


So, analyzing the lingo, we have "least person party" (Obama) in a "hotel" reading all about "futuristic pleasure fancy treat glance alien." Keep in mind the title of the run was "We're gonna get schooled by Aliens"

Happy New Year! Smile

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