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12/28/15 Round and round we go....
Trending: carousel horse days luck force mild weather view parked silver driver toy car lit wood abandoned pat strong crying were striking driveway swimming thanks building drove dress school club forever through when extremely gray version getting elevator went swam soldiers
Waning: vivid keep kitchen sleeping event need 2014 true cancel taken knife decide shoot false setting awesome bomb recall air mountain wild logged kiss men dog sign pain path boy remove glance treat alien wed pleasure

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
Force mild weather? Uh, not around here, unless this is talking about the rest of the winter.

Carousel is a very strange word to have as a Red Alert. The direct meaning for Carousel is:
noun 1. merry-go-round,
2. a continuously revolving belt, track or other device on which items are placed for later retrieval: a baggage carousel at an airport.

But it’s often confused with carousal, which is merry drinking party

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

"Awesome bomb recall?" Good news if these are aligned like this! Yeah, if so then whomever requested nuclear was told no, not yet? This would work with "carousel days" same 'ole, same 'ole.
carousel horse days- I can't help but think of Joni Mitchell when looking at these words. Circle Games.  I used to sing and play this song on my guitar... many seasons ago. For our dreamers, the last verse ends with this phrase: "There be new dreams, maybe better dreams and plenty, before the last revolving year is through." I love the entire song!

gray version getting elevator went swam soldiers
driver toy car lit wood
strong crying were striking driveway swimming

This might all be day residue from the Fort Leonard Wood drownings which occurred when a car drove over a low flooded bridge (which looked like a long driveway, not a bridge).
Four international soldiers who were assigned to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, for training drowned in flood waters early Sunday morning, and a search is expected soon for a possible fifth victim.
"Force mild weather" ... indeed, the weather this year has been "forced," by those trying to manipulate it to their own ends. Snow where there is normally little to no snow, and mild temps where normally it would already be cold. The point is to catch the masses unguarded, and cause confusion, and fear. What little TPTB really know, though, since while the clouds may temporarily change due to their actions, ultimately, the clouds must obey God and His providence.
Being stuck in Kansas City, I got the forced NON-MILD weather!
Eagle1, bless you with very fine travel and weather when you do decided to head home. Glad you're not one of those guys that pushes on through 'no matter what.' Discretion remains the better part of valor. (My Marine/sailor needs to be reminded of this occasionally.)

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