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Dream Flashbacks ?
Sometimes I get flashbacks of dreams I've had. Like today I am trying to wrap up work before the year end. And I have a flashback to a dream I had a while back. I wasn't thinking about anything related to the dream. Anyone know what the reason may be for this happening?
The obvious, first....sure if something about wrapping up the year, work or day had a theme covered in the dream.

Whatever or wherever the dream came from the first time can have triggers that bring it or any memory back. I, too have old memories come back of dreams, especially the flying dreams that I had for decades, and for some reason they have stopped. I in fact had memories of them a couple of hours ago, especially one in which I told folks after I landed that I dreamed of flying a ton of times, and see! now I had.

Nope, I'm not much help here because details matter and I don't have a lot of them. Just able to share with you that it happens to a lot of us. I hear folks speak of dreams that still "bug them" as to why they have 'em. Have also had folks say something about a dream they had long ago just popped into their minds.

But surely our profound dreams are messages or lessons and God reminds us of the dream so we revisit it, IMO.

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