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12/31/15 Atheist Model
Trending: atheist model wed cop wander spoke plant jerk finger read dream question symbolism book probably unfortunately hold noticed truck known fence technically mysterious going store bowling pay basically ladder dreams underwater topic lady picked one imagined speaking nap area where
Waning: almost true hey older wonder window mirror input link shot materials reading information use path trip kid remembered sign logged sat story picture months view dreamed yes cards thanks valley request castle site remove days

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
In an attempt to repair my poor research attempt yesterday, I believe I’ve done it. Turns out that someone has already compiled a list of atheist models! And here it is:   So I'm thinking that one of those girls might get arrested in the coming days OR maybe one of them announces an engagement with a cop (atheist model wed cop).
Today’s run does seem rather bland considering that it’s New Year’s Eve and that generally incites at least a little bit of excitement in some people. Perhaps the collective dreams are weighed down by the recent historic floods in the areas around the Mississippi and outlying states. Clear day residue is indicated by “Dreams Underwater.”

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

yes cards- I hope that means Cardinals! Big Grin Go Cards!
Very end of the run "castle remove days." Hmm, "castle" or "remove days" in yesterday or day-before's run? If not, watching for them to be moving back up the list. Castle sure will do this if they can, per their puppet masters.

Sure is a bland, random run. Or, "cop" may be "wandering" the "plant" and he may be a "jerk."

Oh wait, is this "question book symbolism?" These words, IMO have a clear *hit* already. A headline on drudge right now is about what the chief-in-"castle" is reading on his Hawaiian vacation, or wants us to think that he is reading.

Oh edited in....this is definitely *A HIT* cuz in the waning words we have "materials reading information!" The word "shot" works, too cuz they say he's reading about murder & alien invasion.

Here's that headline report...
Twice, aren't the Cards considered in 'the valley?'

Only drawback here is that the lingo is on the down side, so hope that isn't an omen Sad
Yes, they are considered in the valley Eagle. I am hoping that cards and thanks actually go together and are not just about writing thank you cards for Christmas gifts. Also, the Fiesta Bowl is played where the Cardinals play.
Hahaha! Thank you cards....yes, of course! That comment was rather hilarious! Smile

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