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1/6/16 Year of the Monkey
Trending: monkey lion jail warning nap favorite king pain bad little wonder threat rain cards gray less guess transition woods bit job david january spoke whoa powerful oddly random detail hug called there bring weapons van one handsome 2016 probably dining
Waning: entire week head state crazy extremely shy difficult female sudden except track 2015 airplane korea important mild succeed inc lady 2014 complete order floating interesting spiritual soul logged days war input awareness keep pool fun

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
Year of the Monkey is making certain monkey stamps popular in China:

234 could be a record surge score if Monkey isn’t predicting something.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

korea important mild succeed- many people did not know this news before they went to bed and it perfectly fits the botrun.
N. Korea claims to have successfully tested an H bomb.
Norsar, a Norway-based group that monitors nuclear tests, noted both fact and estimated, based on the seismic readings, a blast equivalent to less than of 10,000 tons of TNT -- smaller than those of the atomic bombs used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and far less than thermonuclear weapons that typically are as potent as millions of tons of TNT.

"We won't know for another few days or weeks whether this was (a hydrogen bomb)," said Martin Navias, a military expert at King's College London. "It doesn't look like one; ... one would have expected it to be greater if it was an H-bomb."
threat rain cards gray- sound like EL Nino is making it's move.
david january spoke whoa powerful - Is British P.M. David Cameron going to make a powerful speech?
whoa powerful oddly random - Could be about the Powerball jackpot which is at $450 million for tonight's drawing.
"lady" with "inc" again.

"interesting spiritual soul" very intriguing and nice set of words.

I LUV! the caution and red-alert words but won't say who I suspect it is. LOL! Bot has no mercy in all ways. Oh wow.

"Korea" residue for good reason. This is very serious however the true details play-out.

"logged days war input awareness" noted, with "Korea" this run is important.
"monkey lion jail warning" rushed missing this yesterday. The "monkey" is going to threaten the "lion" christians or staunch conservatives with "jail warning." Is this tied to the Hammond land deal where outsiders have moved-in reportedly, and threatened civil war, etc? or....something threatening a segment of the nation?
david january- God Bless David Bowie
David january spoke whoa powerful oddly In retrospect, this applies to the death of David Bowie.

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