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Tourist, Mall Dream - 1.13.16, 6:45am-7:00am
Start of Dream. I am in the parking lot of either a mall or movie theater. Someone says, you need to park your car. I get in my car to move it, get out of the car to see if I am parked ok, go to get back in the car and I notice there is ice forming on my car. I am wondering what is happening here. Then someone says, get back in your car and move it in front of the mall.

I move my car in front of a mall and get out of my car. The weather is not cold, feels like spring or summer. I do not see any ice anywhere and think this is strange. I am standing on the sidewalk in front of the mall trying to understand what is happening. Then I see two women, they are small, dark hair, dark eyes, not Caucasian. I walk up to them and ask why they are here. One women does not want to talk with me. The other woman smiles and says, she wants to go to the mall and I guess we are too early because they are not open yet. I asked what about you? She said, I want to take a tour over there. She pointed to a lake that is in front of us. I see a walkway with a railing and people are lined up on it like they are waiting to be admitted to an attraction. The people are dressed in summer clothes with some wearing backpacks ect. So I am thinking there must be a ferry or boat that takes people on rides on the lake.

I followed the women and then we are standing on the porch of a building and the woman asks me, what type of shop is this?  I tell them it has visitor information if they want to see what is inside they should go in. Once inside I noticed they also sold metaphysical items. The two women were looking around and were speaking a different language (not English) to each other.  I told the clerk in the store I was going to bring back the necklace I bought here because it gave me bad dreams. She laughed and said, yes, you can bring it back. The two women bought something and they left the store. I asked the clerk if she figured out where they were from. The clerk said no, but they paid with these fetishes. I asked if she knew where the fetishes were from and she said maybe from somewhere near Israel. I said, ok, I need to go.  I was thinking about the chickens I put to cook in two different places so I needed to go and check on the chicken.  End of Dream

1. I think the mall was The Mall of America in Michigan and there is a lake near the mall.
2. The woman was lying about her companion wanting to shop at the mall.
3. The woman was not lying about wanting to tour the lake, but that was not the reason she was there.
4. I felt like someone was directing my actions in this dream. And at the same time my free will did not feel like it was compromised.
I just made more changes and additions to this dream & I won't be adding anything more. Sorry about all the updates. I had a meeting too early this morning and I had to do that and try to remember this dream.

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