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A Life Lesson
In this dream, I am walking around, mostly outside. The environment seems very dreary, cold and wet, sometimes snowy/icy. I keep encountering people from my past, no one from my present life.

I see a male friend and go to greet him. He is in a wheelchair. He pops up several more times in my dream. He is not disabled in real life.

The next people I see are my sister-in-law and one of my nephews. She is chatty, but I can tell she despises me. My brother shows up, puts an arm around her, and steers her away. He says nothing to me.

The next person I see is a friend from my last office. She keeps talking rapidly about nothing, and as she is doing so she starts to toy with one of her front teeth. It keeps swiveling until she has just about unscrewed it from her mouth. I watch in horror.

Just then another person that I knew from a job a long time ago walks up. The scenery had changed at this point and there was sand under our feet. As he is talking, I see a small porcelain figurine poking out of the sand. I pull it out amazed, it's very delicate and beautiful. I start to dig around, and see that there are more of them, all different. The co-worker tells me to put it back, there are tons of them everywhere and therefore aren't very valuable. I put it back reluctantly, as I can't imagine he can't see the treasures all around us.

In thinking about it this morning, I think that all the characters were from my past to tell me something, rather than show me something about them.

Brother: I haven't spoken to him in over a year, which is how he wants it. I, however, have come to grips with the fact that I need to forgive him and just let it go. The forgiveness can only come from me, he'll do what he wants, but once I forgive, I can move on in my own direction.

Toothy Friend: She is telling me I need to take better care of my health (which has been low on the list recently). You don't ever want to wait until you're REALLY sick.

Treasure Friend: He is telling me that I should trust my own intuition, as there are treasures surrounding us every day, if we only trust ourselves and open our eyes. Things sometimes others just can't see. Doesn't mean that they aren't valuable.

Friend in Wheelchair: This was a tough one to figure out. Health related, but why again? And then, it hit me. This guy has owned his own business for years, and is the poster child for working himself to death. Ties in to health for sure!

If anyone else has any additional thoughts, they would be welcome! This is the first full length dream I've had in ages, and I was surprised and pleased, even though it was personal in nature. (I slept last night on my new MyPillow, and while it can't get all the credit, it was very restful! I personally give a shout-out to Nanny for resurrecting Eagle's article on remembering your dreams, and of course to Eagle for the article itself and all he does for us every day! Big Grin )
I don't really have any new thoughts. It seems like you hav done a good job of reviewing your dream. Sounds like a health message for sure.
Hi Goldengirl - I recall reading something about loose teeth dream interpretations once for a friend who was dreaming that too. I looked it up and found this:

"Loose Teeth Dream:
Loose teeth in dreams signify that you are facing a difficult decision or transition time in your life. Common dream scenarios involve discovering that a few teeth have come loose; you may feel that a tooth is not stable and you’re worried is will come loose. These dream images point to concerns about the stability of your foundations in life and the prospect of letting go of something important to you."

I got it from this link - maybe it will mean something to you?
IHM - perfect, just the input I was hoping for! Not sure how it might be interpreted here, as it was someone else's tooth, and I was horrified watching her basically unscrew it from her mouth. But I find these interpretations fascinating to think about. Thanks!

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