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Dream of buying a computer for 11.50
14th January 2016

I am in a supermarket and i want to buy a computer. I find one but i just take one in my shopping cart and i also buy some other things. then i walk to the cashier, where there are several people. As it is my turn to put my things on the counter, i ask the cashier if it the computer is dificult or easy to operate with. He says it is possible to operate with it. I buy it then
There is a woman at the end of the counter who is also working at the shop. Then the bill comes and it is 11.50. I say to the cashier that i am buying a computer and ask if it is not more expensive. No it costs 11.50 and at sunday the numbers 4.50, 4.50 are a theme.
Then i agree.


I was going to have lunch at my grandparents with my sister today and after to a lecture at my further education. The last time i  went to eat lunch and after to a lecture at the further education I lost my laptop.
I have a new one now and i just got it from the wife of a friend as a present. All I had to do was to send her the first e mail i wrote on the computer. And if i find my computer again i should return it to her. And on  the next sunday there is a seminar to dreams i will attend to and i want to be aware to see what will happen at 4.50 pm.
On the 11th of May 2013 (11.50) I had a dream about Psychotherapy. My further education is about analytical psychology.

For me this is a lesson, to learn how my different acts during waking life influence my dreams. For me this is important because of the very most of my dreams i can see a part in the future.
So in this dream it is nice to observe what acts have an influence on my dreams.

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