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Hurricane Seasons in both the Atlantic and Pacific get a Rare January Start
The weather gets stranger every day, can anyone put this together with a bot run?
I couldn't really find something that worked, which is also strange. I would have thought it would be somewhere. Maybe someone else will have luck.
I wasn't having much luck, but thought it was me and my poor skills.

Thanks Twice for stepping up! If anyone would find a connection, you're on the top of my list!
Ah thanks!
The season for Hurricanes in the western and central Pacific is June through November... I don't think I've ever heard of one kicking up in January before. I think the Atlantic has the same hurricane season, but not sure. Either way, these are way out of the norm.

I watched this video the other day - and let me first say, that I am not a fan of this guy "Dahboo", not sure how honest he is, etc - but he is showing information from other websites that are discussing this issue: The Blob, Son of Blob, and Godzilla... I've heard of the Godzilla streak before, long before Dahboo's video. He discusses H.A.A.R.P, seeding, and other issues, which are a little too "conspiracy theory" to me at this point. But many of the scientifics are saying it's related to El Nino. I included the link to the video below and a separate link for an article that discusses this on a more legitimate level:

I think that if people look at the area that "Godzilla" appears to be starting from, the top of South America - an area widely known for heavy seismic activity, as well as the areas where "The Blob" and "The Son of Blob" are, maybe they will consider that maybe it's not El Nino that is creating these things, but actual heat from down below. As in magma or steam coming from the plates themselves?

I think most of us know that if our oceans become too warm and desalinated (the oceans being overly diluted due to the polar caps melting), it creates havoc with our weather patterns and systems. Thus we get climate changes, unusual storm systems that are out of the norm.. I've been following this kind of stuff since the 90's and it is very weird stuff!
This feels like an important thread. Y'all's posts are excellent yet I mean the subject feels not-quite ominous.

But, what if the Atlantic and Pacific both starting 2016 off with hurricane action or tropical storm action at least, is an omen? I respect anyone not believing in them but hooboy it feels like these may be. Both oceans at same time, start of a new year feel like it. (last time I felt we had omen in the start of the year was, I think 2008, and it turned-out to be true. We had, if not in Jan. I think early in that year a "Big 3 fail." One was, I may not get this right but I think it was the biggest bank in USA, biggest brokerage firm and biggest mortgage company all failed. Yep, was, IMO an omen to what the rest of that year and subsequent years had to face economically.)
Wow IHM, lots to digest here! Yes, you are right, the June to November timeframe is the same for the Atlantic. But my question for them is this - if it's El Niño, what is driving that? I just want to keep drilling down and not settle for the easy answer.

I appreciate the desalination reference too, I actually hadn't put much thought to that before, but it makes sense. I need to sit and go thru this when I have a bit more time.

Thanks so much IHM!
And how about this as a factor:
Does it surprise anyone that this was conceived over drinks?! Sigh....

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