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Blacks threatening & attacking Whites in daylight~
I awoke in a bummed-out mood because of this dream. I maybe didn't remember all of it but I remember enough, if so.

It was daylight and I had one daughter with me, but we didn't talk to each other. This was more of me observing and what my thoughts and actions were.
We were at something, an art fair or flea market? there were very long rows of vendors or exhibits. Fine weather, etc.

It was crowded at first and then there were rumbles of blacks attacking whites so people left quite quickly. Didn't see any arrests or anything and didn't get to focus on what types of weapons, if any were used.

Then the parking area of the thing was almost empty, and I was strategically thinking how I would get us to my car, as I saw gangs on some rows/aisles of the thing and in the distance, knowing they were watching and scanning for someone else to attack, most likely.

We walked several rows, saw some of the bad ones and I was leading us like in a maze to get us to my car and get out of there. I then awoke from what felt like a sound sleep.

Emotion of very concerned and dismayed, I think even disgusted. Yet, in the dream I had peace that we were getting out of there, but with wisdom and strategic thinking.

Totally awake in my bed was a really bummed mood, somber and yet annoyed at the reality of this dream.

PS, no intention with this dream, not for a recent dream to clarify or anything. Not even just wishing, before sleep.

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