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3/1/16 Waiting for the March Prank
Trending: march prank produce cliff mon mansion son snow guide college tone spread devil lap odyssey up horror pizza imagined clear must back beer ladies anyway hits tell knock laughing dark funny continued distance love down handed aside look heard astral
Waning: remove thank die escape basement meeting kept opened beginning complete calm scary question sorry magic care fish mirror restaurant kill turning life levels main february hospital dreamed fri sat hours

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Well, this is a bit different than I usually post.  
scary question sorry magic care fish mirror restaurant kill turning life levels main february -
Here is an article from the LA times discussing the alarming conditions of sea lion pups off the California coast written a week ago.  I believe we will be seeing more articles about the decline of the fish populations off the west coast in weeks to come.  I believe this bot run is telling us things were being noticed in February and will be continuing in the future.
"Prank" may be Dreambot's way of referring to a false flag or some serious event. hope not. This prank "produce cliff" oh no! LOL the top of a couple of recent runs had words that made me think of "walking the plank" so is 'cliff' something the "class" will be shoved off of? Dang coincidence if not.

"college tone" may refer to the "class" (citizenry) being tested in life, we're at college level, everyone! Big Grin and the tests are getting harder.

"devil lap odyssey up horror" yeah "lap up horror" from the devil sorry but these words sure can all be arranged the way they're feeling. Wrong? yep someone else will hopefully be getting much different things. This all personally is seemingly proving that multiple bot run linguistics at the top of the runs do indeed paint a complete picture sometimes.

Good grief a cryptic run! all of these words sprinkled in here..
"devil, horror, dark, astral, remove, die, escape, basement, calm, scary, magic, kill" and "life level" are sure huge all being in one run. Oh, and "deranged" was in one of the recent runs.

In this run is also "love handed down" which is comforting.

This run stinks.
Yesterday's bot run at 0.0% read park earthquake heat pregnancy
Today's 0.0% reads snow beer anyway hits knock handed earthquake
Sher, there was a VERY LARGE earthquake today in Indonesia - 7.9 (7.8) in some measurements
oh gee
isn't that where there is political/international haggling and barking over a gold mine?
yup now the G20 has sorely disappointed some.

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