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Kidnapping Dream, 3/2/16 am
Start of Dream. I am standing next to a woman outside of a house. It is a 2 story house, driveway on right ride, in back yard there is a very tall chain link fence with blue plastic strips woven in the fence, lots of trees line the road and property. I can hear her thoughts and this woman thinks the people in this house kidnapped her sister and possibly killed her.

She is waiting outside for the private investigator she hired to find her sister. The PI shows up and says he will go to the house and speak with the people. The woman is frantic and tells him not to get too close to the door or they may try to kidnap him also. He walks over to the door and two people, a man and a woman answer. The man and woman look to be in their 70's, the man has grey hair the woman has dark short curly hair. When the PI started questioning them about the missing woman, they become angry and start screaming at the PI.

The woman who hired the PI runs back to her car to get her cell phone to call 911. A neighbor from across the street comes out of her house and walks toward the woman and asks what is going on. She has a child with her, a girl. The woman tells her, these people kidnapped my sister and I need to call 911 but I can't find my phone. The neighbor hands her a phone and says, here you can use mine.

The neighbor from across the street says, here get in my car, so all of us get in the car. We look at the house again and now the people are near the street arguing out in the open. The woman is driving and trying to call 911 at the same time. There is a freeway at the end of the street. She turns right on the freeway and quickly turns right into a strip mall to get back to the house. While she is turning the car into the strip mall the neighbor who is in the front passenger seat says, "good, you took the right lane to turn, you are doing well". The neighbor sounded like she was coaching the woman.

The dream ends with the woman trying to explain to the police on the phone why she is calling. I can see the policeman who is wearing business casual clothes, is sitting at a desk talking with her on the phone. End of Dream

Afterthoughts: No day residue on this one.

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