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3/7/16 The Favorite was Revealed then Removed
Trending: favorite revealed remove bull bob laid bully reaction sized width ask guide garage lived character software food finished slow thank forward offer thrown final palm leader using sun taylor string equipment friday awkward seats notified march instantly travelling wrapping doll
Waning: lucid down going very know remember categories back add sand look car forum think private message people profile when had solid entries one around were there up dream view class

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

this may be a #came true dreamers!

combo of down and up side of this-
up side
revealed software character
then down side-
remember back think private profile people when message  solid entries around 'know' categories class
this 'character' started it all in 2014 hacking not even software just password privacy to include accidently discovering State Dept emails...ehem
Now I'll bet the DOJ has him extradited to testify before a grand jury for the Hillary emails...... just sayin'

quick addition here on the
negative bot term PALM-
this came out today- don't waste your time- but it brought out two things to me immediately:
I thought about
1. NEGATIVE % (negative interest rates/central banks/cashless society - just read Zero Hedge its all there)
2. and the hand as in PALM>
consider this-> though the provision for this is in the ACA (I think I had a dream about this a couple years ago) it may also be tied
to the new drive for ALL digital currency- cashless society, where one waves their hand across a screen and all is paid for-
its happening now on military bases. pg 1014 provision for microchipping.
however, if this site below gives you more entertainment, by all means enjoy
LOL "bully" is back?

Hope bot is fully back soon.
"final palm leader using sun" - final Palm Sunday? Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter
(03-09-2016, 07:30 AM)Iris Wrote: "final palm leader using sun" - final Palm Sunday?  Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter

My thought as well.

Palm leader-the Pope? Considering there are those who believe this pope is the final pope, according to the Malachy Prophecies, a possibility.

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