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collapsing volcano side
3.10.2016 I am living in a town built on the side of a volcano in New Zealand. A new 4 lane highway has been built on the side of the volcano to the town, replacing a winding 2 lane road. I have gone to the airport to pick up my family, and am now driving down this new road to the town. They hadn’t joined me before since it was just too in accessible before the new highway. I am employed by the government to administer some program. As we get to the crest of this new highway, which would give us a view of the town, I suddenly saw red/ orange hot lava breaking through the suddenly collapsing side of the volcano, flowing into the town. There was no eruption or earthquake with it, just an expanding crush of lava and cinder cone wall cascading into the town. My family was safe but not the inhabitants of the town. News of the calamity caused gold markets to suddenly rise. Influences from the day that may have bleed into the dream consisted of the NZ central bank decreased interest rates, causing NZ dollar to fall; read an article about gold and historical parity with Dow that could mean a big value increase in gold in the future, and the fact that I live among a lot of old volcanoes, but not in NZ.
For some reason, this dream reminded me of this dream:

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