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Beyond Reality Radio Show March 14, 2016
Join us on Beyond Reality Radio: Monday night, March 14th at 9PM eastern


The gracious producer of BRR has invited Chris McCleary to discuss precognitive dreams. The time of the show is 9PM to Midnight EST. Chris will apparently begin at 11 PM EST, which could be the last segment of the show. The other topics on the show include near death experiences (NDE) and crop circles.


Beyond Reality Radio home page:

How to Listen to BRR:   (Note: it appears that visitors can easily listen to the show on any page of the website by finding the Speaker widget on the right hand side of the page.)
Good luck Chris, I'm sure it will be a great interview!
Just listened to the show and wished Eagle 1 would have had more time to talk. Good show.
I hope that this is one of those radio shows that has their past shows available for us to hear anytime.

Any other radio shows that I've missed in the past few months?
Nanny - I listened the next day and it was well worth the time. I just wish Eagle 1 had been given more time to talk.
Julie, thanks gal. Hope he gets a gig on C2C again soon. I hear their guests talk heartily.

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