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Today's nap dreams
21 March 2016
No intention set

I had a jumble of dreams during a short nap and remember only two:

1) I'm standing off to one side on a stage in a smallish venue. The place is packed with people. Diana Ross is on the stage, talking to the crowd. She invites a young man, about college age and wearing a Ben Roethlisberger football jersey and jeans, to join her on the stage. She explains to the young man and the crowd that she wants to sing "Endless Love" but she needs someone to sing the Lionel Richie part. She asks the young man if he'd be willing to sing with her. He nods and says he would. Ross starts singing. The young man apparently knows the lyrics because he joins in at the proper time and sings without hesitation. He has a beautiful voice and blends well with Ross. She stops the song to comment on how beautifully he sings. The crowd goes nuts, cheering and applauding. The young man just grins. Meanwhile, I'm standing there and wondering what the heck I'm doing there because I'm not even a Diana Ross fan.

2) I'm moving out of a living space. Boxes and bins stacked around me. There are several people helping me. One of the guys helping me points to a car parked out front and asks what's up with that car? I glance at the car. It's a brown mid-60's era Dodge 9 passenger station wagon. Oh that, I say, that's my parent's 9 passenger land yacht. Ever ride in the back seat of one of those things? You face backwards and pray no one rear ends the car or you're toast. I stop and frown. This isn't right, I say. What do you mean? he asks. Usually when my parents' car shows up, it's the yellow 70's era Ford land yacht. I don't know why this car is here. It's never showed up before. Hunh, he says. That's weird. I agree.


In my dream landscape, that yellow land yacht showed up off and on over the years. It tended to appear in my dreamtimes whenever I needed to work on something involving my family. And yes, my parents really did have a yellow land yacht when I was a teenager. I took my driving test in in. As for the Dodge, my parents had one of those, too, in the mid 60's. As for moving, at the moment I'm settled down. That could change in another month, when I find out if I have a place to live for a while.

No clue about the Diana Ross thing. Like I said, I'm not even a fan of hers.

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