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Stating Intention before sleep
For the past few days I have been using Breath Right nasal strips because I have allergy and sinus issues right now. Tue & Wed mornings I woke up without the strip on my nose. Both mornings I found it stuck to the bedside table. I have no memory of taking it off during the night. This upsets me because I really need to try and get some sleep considering that I dream all dang night and have issues with that as well right now. So last night I stated the intention that I will NOT take the nasal strip off my nose. Happy to report that the Intention worked well and the nasal strip was still on my nose where it belonged. Smile
Julie, that is too funny! Only because I used to sleep with a bite guard (don't now because I have Invisalign braces), and I would wake up with it either curled in my fist, or chucked across the room. Never considered I could make an intention and get tough with myself!

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