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Red Alert 4/18/16 Red Alert: The Royal Jester Missed
Trending: exhilarating royal jester missed absolutely mild straight goal crime gold security court grandfather damn caused language aloud entire taught chicken sun dance up non fan were missing rain engine clue dream april ended argument turned environment massive able near family
Waning: nap boss party office competition board speak parking fear link clear single bag source oops children paper wolves chinese son fri too hole answer spend hour comp trip wrote wolf

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
This is day number two (in a row) with a Red Alert referencing something to do with royalty. Yesterday was about destruction of the Queens's throne ( ), and in today's dreams the "Royal Jester Missed."

Also of interest, we see a security problem and/or crime related to a gold transaction. This run is very very interesting!

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

"Royal Jester Missed", Prince Harry comes to mind with this one.
Who has stepped down from their position lately? Is this national or international?

Ooh and talk of a "gold crime?!"

"sun dance up non fan" today the sun has had its first M Class solar flare in awhile, it being an M6.

"turned environment massive" could be in context of "sun dance." Sun's been in a lot of runs and scientists have warned repeatedly about another Carrington while DC hasn't retrofitted our grids.

Noting this cool phrase " paper wolves chinese son."
There are now 6 royal related dreambot runs in the month of April. I have added them to our Palace Meme from last month. Something HUGH is brewing, but what?
It is worthy to note that the Queen of England celebrates her 90th birthday on April 21st, but the BIG celebration happens later in June.
Please feel free to add to the Palace meme discussion here:
New book on royal family reveals rivalry between Camilla and Kate Editors
Apr 18th 2016 12:50PM
exhilarating royal jester missed absolutely- Well, it is possible  that this part of the run is referring to the death of Prince. While we think of a jester as a "fool" it is interesting to note that  in medieval times jesters entertained in a variety of ways, including songs, music, and storytelling.  Prince was not only a musician, his shows were flamboyant  and he was an actor, aka storyteller.

It is also interesting to note that he had a nickname "His Royal Badass" went by many names including The Artist Formerly Know as Prince and a symbol. Those are Jester like acts.
I'm thinking there's more than one run that could apply to Prince's death, which implies this is bigger than we realize right now. A marker of some sort?

Another thought that links it to other royal references: Prince's death occurred on the same day as Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday.
Twice, good suggestion and now that you have presented here, it hit me that Prince was huge with the color purple, a very "royal' color.
ok my recent post put in another thread relates to all of this.
Cross reference time.

lets not forget the botrun Purple Gnome-
purple being a royal color
HUGE may not cover what is coming and me thinkest it is imminent.
Are we getting close to picking up the hints team?
I think of how NCIS team DeNozo, McGee and the whiz Elly put it all together for a case and then remember
it is the show writers who do that. Let's call them shall we?
OMG I Finally get it, all this talk of Royal... the whole meme, has to do with Prince dying!

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