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4/19/16 Invasion
Trending: invasion celebrity thanks mon rod emergency half stack disease note request starting calm demon helicopter chain gravity remove fish record jester caused planet able text clue mentally effort did heard given lives fact faded hold level point school minutes properly
Waning: dressed failed rain okay clear track hotel magic memory up ever until spring straight voice basically dance lab forest shoulder missed husband gold mild horse comp throne royal fri exhilarating

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"invasion celebrity thanks" sound quite generic. Do any of the following words shed light on these?

"calm demon" a psychopath? sociopath? does the exact label matter here? (some people have multiple mental illnesses) of notoriety, but who is it?

Is this "calm demon" clamoring for war? "clue mentally effort did heard given lives (fact faded)"

"level point school minutes properly" IMO "class" in so many runs is most-often if not always us, the humans on Mama Earth. So "school" is our lives/existence here. Works in context of "given lives fact faded."

"hotel magic memory up ever until spring straight voice" hotel must be whatever we do for escape because "memory up" is the majority of the "class" being unaware (per previous runs) but we see here that it's only "until spring" and then we see clearly per "spring straight voice." Is this "spring" indeed hitting us with something millions of us have sensed and dreaded?? in suffering it's human nature to come out of the distraction of "hotel magic"/pleasurable "escaping" and face reality.

We have the Queen and horses today.  Here is the reason why.
May 12 to 15: The Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration
May represents the first of two major celebrations of the Queen's birthday. The Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration will be a 90-minute long extravaganza with 900 horses and more than 1,500 riders and performers.
It will be along similar lines to the Diamond Jubilee horse pageant at Windsor in 2012, though this time video projection and theatrical lighting will play a big part.
The event will be held every evening from May 12 to 15, with the Queen attending on the final evening.
Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday Party will be a celebration of The Queen’s life, her love of horses, her dedication to the Commonwealth and international affairs and her deep involvement with the Navy, Army and ­­­­Air Force.

The Royal Cavalry of the Sultanate of Oman will perform at Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday this summer. They will put up a major show at the four-day extravaganza to be held in the private grounds of the Windsor Castle in May. Currently the cavalry are continuing their practice session in their country.
They will fly around 100 horses from Muscat to perform in front of the Elizabeth, Prince Philip and other family members. Led by Brigadier-General Abdulrazak Alshahwarzi, the cavalry have been hard at work for four months. They are keen to continue the majestic display they put on during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee when they visited London in
Invasion celebrity thanks could be day residue referring to the Coachella music festival, which is going on right now. Celebrities show up in droves, mingling with the crowd.
DLP, Bingo! good catch~
I think this post has many parallels to the post made on 4/20, if we look at the words about a tornado hitting a school.  I posted my thoughts about it here: .  I feel like that day's post focuses more on the victims of the emergency, while this one focuses on the responders.  Okay, finally getting into the specifics of this post.  The words that stand out to me are: emergency, disease, note, request, starting, calm, helicopter, gravity, remove, record, able, text, clue, mentally, effort, heard, lives,  faded, hold, level, point, school, minutes, and properly.  I broke this into two sections: the disaster and communication about the emergency.  With the disaster, the words emergency, disease, and school caught my attention.  The emergency may take place at a school and involve a disease, or it may have more to do with what was posted on the 20th about a tornado.  Now, for the next bit of words, I believe it is talking about how the paramedics and first responders have to deal with the situation.  For example, they may have to use helicopters to get victims to hospitals.  Furthermore, they would have to keep calm mentally.  They are responsible for assessing the gravity of the situation, and the lives of victims may rest in their hands.  The words "hold level point" may refer to keeping a life in stable condition or at a steady point.  Also, they will have to record what they are doing to treat the patients, and may communicate some information or clues via text.  They will have to handle the situation properly - follow procedures.  They may take note of things they heard from witnesses and victims.  Starting and minutes may refer to how long they have to save a patient once they are able to start treating them.
Good job analysing 341!

What sticks with me is INVASION
- is it a foreign country
- is it a physical entity like insects
- is it 'off- planet' ship
- is it privacy invasion- final straw that cinches up surveillance activity and personal perimeters

some of the above
demon helicopter chain gravity remove fish - if fish is letting us know that we are speaking of the ocean, then this is could be about a helicopter crash off the coast of Norway today.
Here we go-
# Coming True?
or to a theater near you
it is getting out into the internet news

Now don't laugh.
this isn't X-Files, almost though.
I mean- why not?
Weasels taking down CERN, why not this....*lol

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