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I did not subscribe to today's Dreambot Run thread, so how....
in the heck did the website program think that I did, and send me a private message telling me that there was a reply on the thread that I *supposedly* subscribed to?!

Just happened.....or is that thread especially important for me to focus on? just wonderin...and amused
LOL-Last week, a friend's phone called me. She said she was working at her desk, heard a voice, and realized her phone had called me. I told her she must have needed to talk to me. So we chatted for a while.

Gotta love it when the PTB decide we need something. Big Grin
Yes! had that happen with a friend in San Diego a couple of years ago. Guess I'll spend a bit of extra time with the bot run when time permits.

TPTB do arrange things. OH man!! was shopping Wallyworld a couple of hours ago and visiting with a friendly, warm woman in the checkout line. She was in our area for knee surgery. She has a relative that is a doc in our area that recommended this surgeon to her. I asked if her relative has a specialty or is a general med doc.
She told me the specialty and I was shocked! Two of my docs in Hawaii told me I need to see one once I "get moved." Uh huh, and furthermore this woman's relative is the only one of this specialty in our area.
I got the doc's name and gave mine, etc. then gave my thought of thanks to powers above.
Synchronicity at it's finest.

As I've said frequently, I don't believe in coincidence. Not when you have stuff dropped in your lap and rubbed in your face in the "There. Now THAT ought to do it" manner. Big Grin
Totally agree, LOL yeah on dropped in the lap or right in front of our faces, etc.

Well, talking about no coincidences, then if this rumor isn't true about our earth's magnetosphere supposedly having collapsed for two hours yesterday, DIG IT.....what the dreambot run said yesterday about "space crash!" I mean c'monn....yes "space crash" can be saying many things but....synchronicity sure is happening increasingly to us all, so it seems.. Cool

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